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22 May 2016


What You Need to Know About Web Hosting Luxembourg

A host for your website and digital platform is an important part of every business. Unfortunately, it’s not as clear cut as choosing a provider. You see, there are different web hosting types out there, each with its own benefits. Here’s what you need to know about each one.

Web Hosting Luxembourg: A Dedicated Web Server

Like the name suggests, a dedicated web hosting Luxembourg is exclusive to your website and your digital apps. The entire server is dedicated to serve your needs alone. What does this mean? Essentially, it means that each resource of the server is allocated to the performance and functionality of your website, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and the highest level of operation every single time.

This type of hosting is especially important for businesses that expect a high volume of traffic, like e-commerce and content websites. However, be warned, that dedicated servers are usually stored in the actual office of the business. They are also responsible for maintaining it, component replacements and the repairs that come with heavy and continued use. You might also require to hire one or two professionals to operate and monitor it for your business.

A Shared Server

A shared web server is the complete opposite of the dedicated web server. What this essentially means is that a single server is holding several websites within it. Often, the websites are owned by a variety of companies and organizations. While this is a good choice for small businesses and individuals who just want a static web page with some basic information, it does comes with its own disadvantages. First off, some of the sites in that singular server might be infected with malware and it might even compromise your site too. At the same time, given that there are many people using the server, your websites might experience a lag in response time, slowdowns and sometimes the occasional downtime.

Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud server hosting is essentially a home for websites on virtual non-physical servers that gathers computing resources from a complex network of physical web servers maintained by a certain company. Essentially, you will be using the cloud as the server. This relatively new and amazing technology provides a lot of opportunities for anyone who chooses this option. First, the possibility for expansion is easy. Given that everything is up on the cloud, it’s easier to increase storage and computing power should the business grow. At the same time, the website is always relatively safe on the cloud server hosting. Given there is no physical component to maintain, the chances of breakages are significantly reduced.

Virtual Private Server

A virtual private web server is essentially a virtual machine operated by a hosting company. What’s special about this is that the user has full control of the situation, meaning if there are new installations and additions that should be made, the business can do it efficiently.

Make sure to choose the Web Hosting Luxembourg type that complies with the requirements of your website. Visit servers.com to learn more and see the latest about servers.


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