Affordable VPS Unlimited Bandwidth Plan


22 Feb 2016


Perks of a VPS Unlimited Bandwidth Plan

Virtual private servers offer you a lot of the advantages of a dedicated server without having to actually get a dedicated server. It does this by taking the commonly used shared server and partitioning it into sections that are each dedicated to a single client.

Since these are usually cheaper, you now have more options than simply searching for the cheapest dedicated server in the market if you want to save money. If you compare a VPS and a dedicated server with the same features, you will end up with the VPS being significantly cheaper almost all the time.

One of the great things you can have for a virtual private server is a VPS unlimited bandwidth plan. This can give you more unrestricted capabilities when it comes to using your VPS.

Finding a VPS unlimited bandwidth plan provider

The first thing you need to clear up is what you get with unlimited bandwidth. In any other context, bandwidth refers to the speed you can download and upload files onto your server. The term “bandwidth” is supposed to make you picture your data connections having wider cables, thus letting more data flow, hence the second half of the word. To better understand it, imagine water flowing through a pipe. The larger the width of the pipe, the faster it travels.

However, unlimited speed is impossible in almost every context. Even the speed of light is limited. So when a plan says that it is a VPS unlimited bandwidth plan, it actually means that it does not limit the number of downloads and uploads to your virtual private server, as other plans usually do with the use of caps per billing cycle.

With this in mind, look for a VPS unlimited bandwidth plan provider that will be open and honest with you about the parameters of your plan. Even though the bandwidth is unlimited, it usually still comes with restrictions hidden in the fine print of the contract. Otherwise, the provider would not be profitable, and you would not be able to rely on them for long.

Find a provider with parameters you can actually agree with and match your needs. Failing to find the right one may result in a provider that will accuse you of abuse when you have done nothing wrong.

Making the most of unlimited bandwidth

While VPS unlimited bandwidth plans are expensive, they are a worthwhile investment.

The first thing you can do to ensure you really get your money’s worth is to really upload and download a lot into the server. Again, you have to stay within the parameters of the plan, but you should have a lot of wiggle room within those parameters, making the unlimited bandwidth a huge asset to the growth of your business or website.

Another thing you can do is to pair your plan with add-ons that are cost-efficient. You can add something like a Linux cloud server and integrate it into your plan. This is generally cheap, as the operating system is free, as well as a lot of the compatible open source software.


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