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22 Feb 2016


The Advantages of Setting up a VPS Ubuntu Server

VPS Linux servers have a variety of advantages over virtual private servers running on other operating systems like Windows. The least of which is the fact that it is free. Although the open source feature of the Linux operating system should not be taken lightly. Coupled with the availability of many open source software that is designed to run on Linux, opting for this less popular OS can greatly reduce your total cost of operating a virtual private server.

The availability of open source apps for Linux means that it is highly customizable. This makes it ideal for a virtual private server wherein, unlike with a shared server, you have the control to make changes according to your preferences and needs.

Linux is also less vulnerable to viruses, malware, spyware, and other malicious programs that could possibly infect your server.

But Linux if only part of the story. Whether you are talking about a desktop or a server, Linux as an operating system comes in a wide array of distributions, often referred to as distros, which fit different kinds of consumers. These distros use the Linux kernel to turn it into an operating system suited to the needs of a particular set of users. For most people, the ideal distro for a virtual private server is VPS Ubuntu.

What is VPS Ubuntu?

Developed in 2004, Ubuntu is perhaps the most popular and well known Linux distro. It is based on Debian, another Linux distro, but it has set itself apart over time.

Ubuntu is known for being arguably the most user-friendly Linux distro. This matters a lot because the learning curve to use Linux is often its greatest point of criticism. Ubuntu then gives users the ability to learn Linux without having to try too hard.

Ubuntu is still constantly being built upon, receiving updates around every six months.

The ease of use of VPS Ubuntu

The decision to choose VPS Linux comes with it the challenge of learning how to use Linux when it comes to your server. Here is where VPS Ubuntu can be a big help.

VPS Ubuntu provides a stable server experience, making it easy to navigate even if it is your first time dealing with servers in the first place. With one of the advantages of a virtual private server being able to customize setting and install software in order to suit your needs, the easier it is to use the system, the better.

If you were to opt for an unmanaged virtual private server plan from your VPS provider, VPS Ubuntu will render you more capable of managing your own server by reducing the learning curve that usually comes with Linux.

Like other Linux servers, it is capable of running a wide selection of software, both open source and those developed by its competitors, which makes using Ubuntu that much more flexible. You can install whatever you feel will make your experience with your server simpler and more manageable.

In order to make the most of your virtual private server, you have to take an active role in adjusting it according to your preferences. Ubuntu can help you with that.



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