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22 Feb 2016


VPS Ubuntu is a New-Age Boon!

Over the past few years, virtual private servers are more favored over shared web hosting services. E-commerce is technology based. Website owners are mostly hunting for cutting-edge features and cost-affordable options that guarantees them root access and optimized control over web administration. Reliability is another prime factor that comes into big play. While VPS provider is put to use with an ambition to scale-up a site’s uptime performance, shared hosting did more harm and less good. Piling thousands of clients on the same server kisses goodbye to reliability without a shadow of doubt. Breach of data security and an upsurge of downtime complaints are pretty regular with shared hosting services.

Launch of VPS Ubuntu is more often reckoned as a revolution on its own. It offers a super-versatile and powerful Linux based platform up for grabs. Although VPS Linux is an open source that may pop up a few doubts in the minds of many, the server is architecturally steady and secure. It is also highly resilient towards harmful malware and virus. In a nutshell, private servers based on Linux guarantees top-notch security of data without a fail.

VPS Ubuntu Support For Linux

Budget is a cardinal part in any line of biz – don’t you agree? Using Windows VPS hosting services for the same purpose will guarantee you equal security and killer performance. However, you might have to shell out riches in order to purchase licenses for the software to be used. Contrary to this, VPS Linux is an open source. Forget purchasing, build a strong private server with umpteen software without spending a penny. This obviously brings down the cost by leaps and bounds.

The e-market is flooded with multiple types of websites, designed using leading-edge applications and other amazing features. VPS Ubuntu supported by Linux offers incredible flexibility and supports all latest forms of technology used. Be it MySQL, PHP or the very new Apache, running either of these applications is a no hard deal. Windows also support all cutting-edge technologies but again, in order to keep the applications on a roll, you need to update and pile-on software that can burn pretty large holes in your wallet. Not a feasible option for sure, right?

Malware attacks are undoubtedly the most bugging problems that takes down a site’s performance without any delay. Linux dependent VPS provider comes into great play in such adverse scenario. It sets up a perfect shield, keeping your site clear from any unwanted virus attacks. When using Windows instead of VPS Ubuntu, you will first need to carefully select and install a host of security software. This is again an expensive venture leaving your budget ridiculously crippled.

Is VPS Ubuntu a right pick when dealing with websites backed by a database?

Most commercial websites these days are linked to wide databases. Hence, optimum database support is a very need of the hour. Little did you know that applications like PostgreSQL and MySQL are the most usable and popular database these days. VPS Linux provides an appropriate platform to run database applications. It amplifies chances of sourcing data from the database your website is linked and helps it perform better than ever.


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