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22 Feb 2016


Make the Most of Your VPS Hosting Provider

Once you have chosen to house your website on a virtual private server or VPS, you will need to work with your VPS hosting provider to make the most of it.

While choosing a provider might have been difficult, time consuming, and research intensive, it is not the end of your problems. You also have to communicate with them to make sure they know your needs. This gives them the opportunity to meet your requirements in accordance with what you want.

This is why it is important to have a VPS hosting provider with excellent customer service. That way, you can properly state your questions and concerns should the need arise.

What you should ask from your VPS hosting provider

A good VPS server has good scalability, meaning it can grow with your changing needs. This means that if your website starts getting more traffic or your business starts to grow, your server can grow with it. Make sure to tell your VPS hosting provider when you begin to suspect you that your needs may have changed. This gives them the chance to address the issue before it gets out of hand.

Why is this important? Because the amount of data that you have is directly proportional to the size of your business. Therefore, when the business grows you need the server to be able to grow with it. Otherwise, the server will cripple your growth and you will be stuck without the ability to increase sales, revenue, or what have you.

Think of a startup or a small business. While you can predict growth to a certain degree, you never know when a company may get a big break and suddenly see exponential growth. In order to facilitate this growth, the server must be scalable.

When you buy VPSĀ servers, you are buying a dedicated partition of a server. This means that you should have sizable bandwidth. If you feel that your downloads and uploads are starting to slow down, tell your provider as soon as possible. This could be an indicator of you not getting as much bandwidth as was promised in your plan. Alternatively, it could mean that your data transfer requirements have escalated beyond the capability of your bandwidth. Be sure to let your provider know that this concerns you, so you can come up with a good solution.

Request a virtual Linux server

When it comes to the operating system or OS of your server, you pretty much have the choice between Windows or Linux. While Windows is the more popular option, a virtual Linux server provides plenty of advantages.

For one, Linux is free. It also has access to several open source applications that could improve the performance of your VPS. This means that you can reduce the total cost of operating your server to a significant degree.

Aside from the open source programs, Linux is also compatible with most applications, even Windows applications, given the right software add-ons.

You might be worried about the learning curve that comes with learning how to use Linux. For one thing, you can request a managed package to make this easier. And even if you plan to manage it yourself, Linux is a user-friendly OS that is easy to learn. It might take some getting used to, but it will all be worth it.

Linux is also much more secure, given that it is less susceptible to viruses.

Linux is even more stable. You can update your software without the needĀ to reboot the server, saving you the downtime and the lost business. Many Linux server users have never experienced a crash.

With all of the advantages that come with using Linux, it seems a simple enough decision. Ask your VPS hosting provider for a virtual Linux server.

So overall, the best way to make the most of your VPS provider is to have an open line of communication with them and be clear about what you need and want out of your service provider. Quality customer service is really essential in order to enable this line of open communication, so be sure to work with a provider that is known for their high level of customer service.

Lastly, if you are not getting the experience that you want or need from your provider, don’t hesitate to change providers. There are countless service providers on the Internet and finding one that will accommodate your business should not be hard. While the transition may be difficult, you will be happier with a company that caters to your needs.


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