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23 Feb 2016


What You Need to Know About Virtual Servers Hosting

A lot of users cannot handle the investment that comes with a dedicated server when it comes to their hosting needs. This is why the virtualization server has enjoyed popularity lately.

When a server is virtualized, several clients are hosted using the same physical server. They split the storage space of this server, as well as its features like bandwidth and RAM.

With virtual servers hosting, the investment is much smaller because these plans are much cheaper.

There is also the advantage of scalability, as dedicated servers sometimes have a hard time upgrading your plan, unless the provider explicitly says that their plans are scalable. This means that virtualization servers are a better choice for those who underestimate their initial requirements.

Better virtual servers hosting

Nowadays, when you talk about virtual servers hosting, you are most probably referring to virtual private servers, as opposed to shared servers. This is because of the rising populVirtual Servers Hostingarity of virtual private servers and the need to distinguish them.

The difference between a virtual private server and a shared server is that the server that has been virtualized to serve many clients is partitioned in a virtual private server. This is a better method of virtual servers hosting as it allows clients better control of their servers with customization and a flexible use of add-ons programs.

The partitioned nature of virtual private servers also allows for more security when using the server because your section of the server cannot be infiltrated by viruses, malware, and other malicious software that might have been uploaded by the other clients that you share the server with. This keeps your data from being corrupted.

Partitioning also allows you to have more control over your resources. This means that you do not have to compete for bandwidth and RAM as you sometimes have to do with a shared server.

Virtual private servers also often come with a unique IP address. This is especially useful if you are using the server to host a website because the IP address will help you gather data that you can use to improve you website. This also prevents your website from being blacklisted, as shared servers run the risk of another client in the server getting the entire shared IP address blacklisted.

Despite all this, shared servers are currently still more popular because they are cheap, with some of them even offering limited plans for free to try out the service. But if you are serious about your data, virtual private servers are the way to go.

Organizing your server database

Once you have your virtual servers hosting plan all worked out, you have to be able to organize all that data in your server. This is best done with a database. This is why you should look for a plan that has SQL server hosting. SQL is a language used to manage and organize databases. This also helps you arrange  your data-driven applications.

SQL server hosting is standardized, so it is compatible with most other applications, even coming from competing operating systems, whether it is open source or paid.


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