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26 Feb 2016


How Virtual Server Router Helps Maximize the Abilities of a Network

A virtual server router is always a good thing when it comes to networks. Although it does have its share of shortcomings, these are far outweighed by the positive benefits that it brings to any business. Today, various networks and systems like cloud, SDN and mobile are now offering this type of routing service. This router does not come in a physical format. Instead it comes in a software form.

The software is stored or hosted inside a server or servers. There is a lot of interest being shown regarding this software. To back this up, a lot of server operators are very excited to use the software and apply it on their server or servers. On the other hand, there are still a lot of things that need to be cleared regarding some aspects of it. The main concern is at what level can a software help a user operate a server to maximize the use of the network.

Interests in Virtual Server Router is on the Rise

 With the pronounced abilities that can apparently allow full utilization of a networks’ capacity, virtual server software has been drawing a lot of attention to itself. This started even before various standards, studies and researches were set into place.

For one there is a lot of cash that can be saved if a company decides to purchase the software rather than a physical router. A savings of at least 25 percent in cost can be realized if one compares the use of a software to a physical router. The reason for this is that a user does not need to use a main server for this to work.

Second is that the operations of the network need not be reformulated since the efficiency is not included in business situations. The simple application and operational processes that involve the software is the main reason why the software router has become so popular over all types of routing devices. It even acts as a great support to virtual dedicated server hosting devices since it has the capability of identifying the jobs on hand.

Why do people still use physical routers?

 Probably the reason why virtual server router has not yet totally replaced the physical router is that these routers are still on their depreciation motion. Most of these routers are still on their final half of their lifespan so from an original of five years. Most of them are down to their last two or three years of service. Then there are people also opting for cloud storage solutions.

In the business world, most networks are WAN or Wide Area Network based. These are hooked up to physical routers. However these routers are very limited when it comes to the location it can cover. These are only equipped to cover one location. However, productivity of the network can be enhanced if and when a virtual server router is applied to it.

This takes out the possibility of having interior problems inside the network. Replacing a single location router is an easy thing to do since all they have to do is run the software. When this is done, virtual dedicated hosting can be performed. This allows the network operators and users to perform their tasks in an easier manner.


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