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25 Feb 2016


Cost Effective Virtual Server Cost for Server Operations

There are a lot of reasons why a company would want to have a big server of their own. The usual reasons to buy a server is for web hosting, or for a cloud server, or even for remote file storage and backup. For whatever reason, web hosting companies can provide the server at a reasonable cost.

Affordable Virtual Server Cost

Although for some, buying a server and having it within the premises is preferred, with a good internet connection a server can be located anywhere and it would still be able to do the job. In fact, a company does not need to buy a server in order to make use of one. Acquiring a physical machine can be expensive, and with the prevailing affordable virtual server cost, signing up for a cheap VPS package makes a lot of sense.

A virtual private server (VPS) is a program running inside a computer which simulates a computer. This virtual machine can do everything that a real computer can do. It has its own memory, storage and a dedicated processor. Users can do whatever they want with it including installing software, and otherwise running it as a server. With a low virtual server cost, a company can even have as many servers as they want, and still save on the cost of ownership.

A cheap server does not necessarily mean that it will break down easily, or that it is underpowered. When availing of cheap VPS services, the maintenance costs are already included in the package. As part of the agreement, the hosting company takes care of almost everything, including maintenance and backup. The VPS service does not need to be limited to only one virtual server. With a server, cloud applications can be deployed, file backups can be sent to a remote location, and more web services can also be done.

The virtual server cost is usually just a fraction of the cost of a physical server. The VPS might be a bit slower than a physical server located onsite, however, there are a lot of reasons why it would not matter. There are services wherein a server would work better if located in a data center. A web server of course would be better located at a data center, and the same is true with a cloud server.

A virtual server fills a need where the server does not need to be within the office premises, and it also has to have a good internet connection, preferably accessible via the web browser, FTP, or SSH. This set of requirement is needed for a web host, a cloud server, file sharing, as well as a code repository for programmers in different locations. With more users accessing the system, or with a larger database, the company can sign up for more storage, or more virtual servers to fit the role of database server, file server or application server. With a large enough user base, and with multiple servers, a VPS can also serve load balancing duties.

There are specific cases where a dedicated server, or servers is warranted. However, for small or medium-sized companies, a VPS service can be very cost effective as it fills the needs of the company


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