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15 May 2016


Cloud Data Storage Providers vs VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Due to the constant changes in technology, new opportunities have opened for those who wish to start up their own business. As technology bridges gaps in communication and allows information to become more accessible, it has become easier for people in the present to either work from home or set up their own home based business. Because of the ease technology has brought into modern communication, most start-up businesses are veering towards a set-up that is different from that of years back. Moreover with the proliferation of vps (virtual private server) options, working has become so much easier.

What Are Cloud Data Storage Providers and a VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

Cloud storage would refer to the storage of files online. Cloud data storage providers would include syncing of files and the collaboration and sharing of files to others as part of the services of cloud storage. Part of cloud storage services would also include cloud backup. That way you can be sure that your files will always be available. Apart from online data storage, cloud data storage providers also offer cloud hosting services. Cloud hosting services would refer to hosting for websites done on virtual servers. As compared to a single hosting server (which would be like a dedicated server or shared server), cloud hosting makes the use of several servers to host a website. Basically a vps (virtual private server) would employ a virtual network of servers to host all the needs of a website.

Pros of Hosting on A Virtual Private Server

One of the main benefits of hosting on cloud would be the reliability of accessing your data. As there are many servers, cloud services will make sure that your data can be accessed even with just one server working. If one would give way, you can still access the website or data. Another benefit of hosting on a virtual private server, you can be assured of security and privacy. As you do not share your server with someone else, no one could have access to your files. Moreover you can easily customize your operating system and choose the applications you want placed on the server. But one of the best benefits of hostiing on a vps virtual private server would be that you have full control of the entire pool of resources. With the vps unlimited bandwidth, you can do practically everything and anything you want on your server. You can fully utilize it and maximize it to get your money’s worth.

When it comes to what you need for work, you always need to make sure to analyze and see what you really need. It would never make good management sense to spend unnecessarily on something you would not need. So it is always best to choose a service, whether you make use of cloud services or just get from a vps virtual private server provider, just make sure that it is something that would be best for your business.


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