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22 Feb 2016


Virtual Private Server Hosting Services and How They Can Help You

When choosing a server to trust with your data, your primary concern should be security. You should be looking for a server that will keep your data safe from viruses and malware, as well as make sure your data is not leaked to any malicious third party.

While the best way to ensure this is with a dedicated server, the high costs of such a service often dissuades most people and organizations from going for this option. However, the next best thing may be to opt for virtual private server hosting.

What is a virtual private server hosting service?

When you make use of a virtual private server hosting service, you get a dedicated partition of a physical server. So while you do not get an entire physical server like you would when you use a dedicated server, the physical server that you share with other clients is partitioned.

This is also a big difference from a completely virtual server wherein all the data of different clients are mixed up in one physical server. Here you get a dedicated virtual server that will keep your data apart from that of other websites.

The benefits of VPS

Since your data has been placed in a partitioned section of a physical server by your virtual private server hosting service, you can expect a lot more security compared to a virtual server. The level of security is almost that of a dedicated server, depending on your VPS provider.

Opting for virtual private server hosting also gives you more stable speeds and more reliable bandwidth. This is unlike in a virtual server where all the websites being hosted compete for all available resources.

Virtual private servers can also be customize much like how dedicated servers are. This means that you can choose your preference of operating system, software, features, and anything else independently of those you share the physical server with.

You also get to run and access your data independently from those you share the server with.

In a lot of ways, a virtual private server is like a smaller dedicated server. It looks and acts much like a dedicated server. Most VPS providers even give each client an unique IP address that will allow them to better handle their data.

However, there is a key area where it is different from a dedicated server: the cost.

Being more expensive, a dedicated server is a much bigger investment, which is why it is mostly used by big companies that require more resources and have to be more protective of their data. Virtual private servers are more within the budget of small to medium enterprises, those that have big dreams of becoming successful businesses but do not necessarily have the capital to invest in something as massive as a dedicated server.

While it may be more expensive than a virtual server, a virtual private server allows you to find a middle ground between security and the size of investment. It also lets you have most of the benefits of a dedicated server without paying the price of one.

Seeing as how it is much safer than a purely virtual server, it is easier to entrust your data to a virtual private server.

But, with so many different virtual private servers out there on the Internet, how do you know which one to choose? The best way to get started is to evaluate your current usage and create a realistic picture of exactly what you need in a server. This means assessing your current usage but similarly estimating your future growth so you are sure to employ a server that will be appropriate for the near future.

If you are not sure how to do this, you can always bring in an IT consultant to review your system and give you a detailed explanation of what exactly you need in a new server.

Once you know what your demands are, you need to start researching the different companies that exist online. Be sure to compare all of the different plans and prices offered by the different providers. You can also use forums, blogs, and review websites to get first-hand and unbiased reviews of the providers. This way you can see how the companies treat and relate to their customers.

Lastly, don’t forget to choose a provider with quality customer service! Good customer service can make or break your success with a hosting company.


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