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22 Feb 2016


How a Virtual Linux Server Can Help You

When you are building a website or need a server for you small business, it makes sense to try things out first. This is why the first step for most people being introduced to Internet servers is to start with a free server, one that does not charge anything and comes with a limited amount of data.

Once you begin to notice how much participating in the Internet can help your business, then you begin to see the value of paying for more data, which brings you to shared servers. These are the most popular and most used types of servers because they are cheap and easy to get. Still, these come with little security and not a lot of control.

If you think that your shared server has room for improvement, then you might want to take a look at virtual private servers or VPS, like a virtual Linux server.

What is Virtual Linux Server?

Before you can understand what virtual private server hosting can give you, you first need to understand what it is. Think of a physical server. It is a machine that is comparable to your standard computer, albeit much more complicated and with a different set of capabilities.

When many websites share a single physical server, it becomes a virtual server or shared server. This means that the data in the physical server interacts with all the other data in the server. This includes data from different websites or clients.

While a shared server may be inexpensive, its nature makes it risky because it doesn’t protect the data stored on the server. This is a problem for small businesses or anyone with sensitive data that they need to protect. Because all of the data is stored in one location, the server is only as safe as its weakest user. This means that if a hacker is able to infiltrate one user’s account, they are able to access the entire server.

But what if we could keep the data from different websites apart? This is where the virtual private server comes in. With virtual private servers, the physical server is partitioned, so that the data does not interact and runs separately from one another. This gives you better security and more control over what you can do with your portion of the server.

If you think a VPS is right for you, then you need to decide the operating system of your server. A good option would be the virtual Linux server.

What sets a virtual Linux server apart?

While Windows is still a popular option for VPS, this is mainly due to the minor learning curve that comes with using Linux, as well as the ubiquitous nature of Windows in PCs.

With a virtual Linux server, you can get the service at a fraction of the cost because the operating system itself is free to download. It also comes with a lot of open source programs available, making it easy to get affordable solutions to meet your needs.

A virtual Linux server is also more likely to remain stable when compared to a Windows server. This is because Linux does not slow down over time like most Windows machines. Linux is also less vulnerable to viruses, malware, spyware, and other malicious programs. Linux also has the ability to update without rebooting, letting websites stay online in the process.

Linux is also highly customizable. Aside from the many available open source add-ons you can get with Linux, most programs are compatible with Linux, including secure cloud storage solutions that will greatly benefit your server experience.

Cloud storage may seem like a small benefit, but it is actually a huge advantage for any business or individual. Cloud storage allows you to store information and data in the cloud instead of on your local media like a hard drive, USB drive, or CDs. This means that anywhere you have an Internet connection, you can access, manage, edit, and change your data.

Similarly, you can access the cloud on almost any device, making it an ultimate solution for those that travel frequently. Also, if you frequently collaborate with colleagues on project or work in conjunction with other people on documents, cloud storage allows you to work in real time on a document and see changes as they are being made.

Overall, it is important to do the relevant research before making any changes in your server configuration or purchasing one. Be sure to use online resources to get a good understanding of each plan and what each provider offers.


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