Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting Benefits


22 Feb 2016


The Advantages of Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting

If you know about different hosting options that exist, than you are aware that there are three main types of hosting servers available on the market today. These are shared hosting servers, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers.

Shared servers are a single server where many different users host their websites. This means that all of the server’s resources, including RAM, disk space, and bandwidth, are shared among all of the users, and one IP address is designated to all of the different websites hosted on the server.

A virtual private server, similarly to a shared server, is one single server, but the server is partitioned and each user gets their own partition. This means that the users have full control over their partition and can use their individual resources as they see fit, enabling more flexibility and control.

But the most powerful hosting option is a dedicated server. With this configuration the user gets an entire server for their disposal. They can configure and use the server however they see fit and do not have to share any part of the server with anyone else.

This is just a quick overview of the different server types. We will review virtual private servers in more detail below.

A virtual dedicated server aims to bring together the security and resources of a dedicated server, while having prices closer to that of a virtual or shared server. There are plenty of advantages to using a virtual dedicated server hosting plan.

There are a variety of purposes that a virtual dedicated server, also known as a virtual private server or VPS, is suited for. Find out if you should be looking for a provider that offers virtual private server hosting.

What you get from virtual dedicated server hosting

A virtual dedicated server is a server wherein the physical machine has been partitioned into several parts, one part for each client. While in a virtual or shared server the physical server is not partitioned, the data of different clients interact with each other, possibly corrupting each other or slowing each other down, a virtual dedicated server keeps your data separate from the data of others.

Does this mean that you have a server dedicated to your data? In many ways, yes. You have the security that will keep your data safe from viruses or malware that might have been uploaded by the others that you share the physical server with. You also normally get a unique IP address that can help you better develop your website, although this depends on your virtual dedicated server hosting provider.

However, you will possibly not be getting the resources that come with a dedicated server, as having the entire physical machine of the server dedicated to you means that you have a much more powerful machine at your disposal. You can also count on better performance and more flexibility with a dedicated server, which means you can expect it to be faster and have more opportunities to customize it according to your needs. Still, if you can find the right virtual dedicated server hosting provider, you might be able to attain the levels of performance and flexibility that suits your needs.

Is it best for you?

Are you a small to medium business owner that wants security for your data and website without breaking the bank? Then a virtual private server might be just what you are looking for. You can keep your data, as well as those of your customers that use your website, relatively secure. The nature of your business means that you may not need the power and resources afforded by a dedicated server, so employing a virtual dedicated server hosting solution is a viable option for you.

Are you a running a website that gets considerable traffic? Then a VPS might still be your best bet as there are plenty of affordable offers out there that will give you enough storage, speed, and bandwidth to properly run your website with little to no problems.

Are you looking for an affordable solution to your backup requirement? VPS can also come to your rescue. Plenty of VPS providers nowadays make use of cloud computing to give you a sizable allowance for your stored data.

In the end, it is really about looking at what each VPS provider has to offer and comparing it with what you need. Only you can answer if a virtual dedicated server is right for you.


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