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15 Apr 2016


The best servers hosting

There are several types of web server hosting that you can use for your personal interest or for the sake of your business. These types include free web hosting, reseller web hosting, managed hosting, collocated web hosting, cloud, clustered, grid and home web hosting. But the best servers hosting types – and perhaps the most popular hosting services – are shared or virtual server, dedicated server hosting and virtual private server or VPS hosting (which has cheap vps services).

As you continue to read, you will know more about the best types of web server hosting, including their respective advantages and disadvantages.

The 3 best servers hosting Types

Before proceeding to the three best servers hosting types, you should know that a website is basically a collection of intangible files that are made accessible for the benefit of other people while they are able to connect to the internet. On the other hand, a web server is designed to perform make the files accessible with the help of a web hosting.

Whether your website is made for your personal space or for the improvement of your business, here are three of the most popular types of web hosting.

1. Shared Hosting

Sometimes referred as a virtual server hosting, a shared website hosting generally hosts several websites using one web server. Web hosts or companies that offer this service provide the resources, like bandwidth, memory, processor and space, which are all shared among the websites hosted on the web server. This also allows other users to access the files on the websites via the internet.

More than just providing the resources, web hosts have the responsibility to maintain, manage and make sure that the web server is up and running as well as provide the necessary technical support to those users who do not know so much about the technicalities of web hosting.

Although this supplies all the resources and does not have expensive costs, shared hosting does not have reliable security since some files may be accessed by other users even without your consent.

2. Dedicated Server Hosting

In simplest terms, your website is entirely and solely hosted on one web server. You have full control over your website and the server. You are the user and the administrator at the same time, maintaining and managing all the sections of your website.

Yes, having complete control of your website has its perks. However, dedicated server hosting needs a lot of technical expertise to maintain the performance of your website. You may also need to set a certain monthly budget to keep it running for longer periods of time.

Due to the fact that your web server typically makes your website online and available to numerous visitors, there is a need to keep your server consistently reliable and stable so that it can handle voluminous amounts of visitor and website traffic. Apparently, the maintenance of a dedicated server is very much technical.

3. Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting

To make this more understandable VPS hosting is half-shared and half-dedicated hosting. Half-shared because the websites are hosted on one server, but half-dedicated because the resources are individually allocated to every website.

And like dedicated hosting, VPS hosting allows you to have control over your resources. You can do whatever you want with the resources, depending on your needs and objectives for putting up a website. The downside of this web hosting service is when the providers suddenly change the limitations of the resources.

Nevertheless, VPS hosting sometimes costs a little more than shared hosting and dedicated hosting, but there are cheap vps providers that offer not only affordable costs, but also impressive amounts of resources.


The three best servers hosting types have their own benefits and drawbacks. However, they cater to the specific sizes of the businesses. If you have a small business, then you can have a shared or VPS web hosting service. But for those medium-sized and large companies, it is recommended to use a dedicated server or VPS to make sure that all confidential files are kept and secured well.


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