Installing Server Hosting With Mods


26 Feb 2016


Ways To Install A Server Hosting With Mods

Minecraft hosting is much like a sandbox where you can convert your server hosting services into any kind of online server you prefer. It opened infinite possibilities; however each of them comes with various stages of complexity in order to bring to life the storage servers and other resources that are required.

As you throw in more players and added plugins to the online server, it will need more RAM and a pricier hosting package or perhaps a server hosting with mods. Never fret, it is okay to begin small, and choose a scalable server hosting services so you do not have to spend a lot of money on something you haven’t have a need for as yet.

Server Hosting With Mods Installation Guidelines

  1. First, turn off your server.
  2. Switch the server version to the server hosting with mods, or the one with mudpack.
  3. Switch world name to something brand new. As you change server hosting with mods, or switching to brand new server version, you will have to reset the world to avoid any problems and conflicts down the road.
  4. Save your new configuration settings.
  5. Restart the server.

As we speak about customizing the server, the first thing you have to think of is what kind of modification pack you want your current server to operate on. We will be providing you a bird’s eye view of the available packages and discuss the top features of each one of them.


One of the most high end frameworks you will have is the Tekkit. It comes with a very cutting edge set of mods which places the platform as you explore spaces never ever experienced before in Minecraft hosting. If you ended up becoming bored with the conventional game types and programs then check out Tekkit and bring your game to an all-new high.


Bukkit is one of the most in demand add-ons for minecraft servers as it offers a wide spectrum of plugins. Likewise, it is very easy to come across plugins by frequenting sites which has the wealth of the latest and most popular add-ons available for the host. Many find Bukkit to be complicated, but when configured properly, it offers users the best way to create an entirely new customized server. You will also find some packages with some extras that will help convert a basic Bukkit server into a 100% fully configured game type with a few clicks of the mouse.


Vanilla for starters is not a mudpack. It is a set of tools open for use with Minecraft. Vanilla is the lightest pack you can have and it requires very minimal sources to operate. With Vanilla, you can get started and create things – it is a great starting place with the cheapest minecraft hosting plan that’s great for further exploration.


Last but not the least, is the FTB. FTB is a set of plugins and a mudpack that is built in one convenient resource. Activate this on your server and you can start running any kind of game type you have downloaded and installed on your server. Tons of packages are available with your FTB. Plus, many found the user interface to be up to their liking that allows for fast downloading and launching of any games.


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