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16 Jan 2016


Types Of Server Hosting Services

Choosing the right web host for your company can be intimidating at times. This is mostly because web server hosting demands an increase in space and bandwidth as your business grows, as well as the type of services the business has to offer.

Understanding the different types of server hosting services available is the first step to getting the right host for your company. Discussed below are some of the most common hosting services you can choose from.

Free server hosting

Free server hosting’s most advantageous aspect is that it comes at no cost to the user. This hosting service is common for web pages and blog posts with a small audience. However, free server hosting is shared, meaning you have to share one server with dozens of other similar businesses or websites. Although this service comes with limited control, it gives you a chance to gain exposure free of charge before upgrading.

For individuals and small, family-run and local businesses, free server hosting may be the best solution. But for large companies or corporations, free server hosting is definitely not going to be powerful enough for their needs.

Shared server hosting

As the name indicates, shared server hosting services also entail multiple users sharing one dedicated server and its resources. This, however, provides a wider selection of services than free server hosting. The best thing about shared hosting is that you get more speed and higher bandwidth at a reduced cost. Shared server hosting, on the other hand, comes with a few vulnerabilities that mostly arise due to the fact that multiple users have access to the server.

The shared server can be a big drawback for those that want ultimate security on their computing system. Because the server is shared between a number of different websites, the server is vulnerable to attack. If hackers are able to penetrate just one website hosted on the server, they can gain access to the entire server and affect every website that is hosted on it, including yours.

Dedicated server hosting services

Any provider offering a dedicated server host provides full administrative access, unlimited applications and software, and many other features. This is by far the best hosting service for anyone planning to use special software or generate tons of traffic because it gives you complete control over the server’s resources. It is the perfect option for those that want the ultimate level of control, flexibility, and customization.

A drawback however is that you are responsible for maintaining and securing the server. This could be a huge headache for those that do not have any experience working with servers or in the IT field.

Managed dedicated servers hosting is a branch of dedicated server hosting that provides you with all the goodies, as well as with maximum security and efficiency. Although provided at a reasonably higher price, managed dedicated hosting is the best choice for a company that isn’t ready to handle maintenance and security upgrades – as they are already taken care of as a part of the package.

Cloud server hosting

Cloud server hosting is similar to virtual hosting with the difference being that everything is amplified to provide better performance, higher capabilities, and redundancy. The best thing about cloud hosting is that you can choose a full or even partial package based on your specific needs.

The other added advantage in this is it eliminates the cost of buying support hardware. This is because everything is handled in the cloud to minimize costs and IT staff hustle. That means you do not have to employ a whole team just to maintain and take care of the sever because the hosting company will do it.

Cloud hosting allows businesses to keep up with traffic and customer demands without spending too much.

Colocated hosting service

These server hosting services are considerably the most expensive and powerful web hosting services to date. Colocated server hosting provides everything that is provided by dedicated servers, and you essentially own the server. This allows you to have total control over the server, be it handling system upgrades or powering it up.

Colocated servers are, however, mostly recommended for huge enterprises and companies with offices all over the world. The server provides access to all offices preferably via a virtual private portal. This works in a similar way as a VPN does for most companies.

Most servers run under either Windows or UNIX operating systems. Linux server hosting services are usually preferred as they offer optimal performance and security. This however doesn’t mean Windows won’t live up to expectations.


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