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22 Feb 2016


Get a Server Dedicated for Security That is Right for You

If you run a website or employ some sort of online storage option, then you know that there are many different types of server options at all different price ranges. If you are considering any sort of server service, then you should know what different types of servers exist out there and what the benefits and disadvantages are of each one.

A shared server is one single server that is shared between many different users. All of the different users’ data is stored in one location on one server. This is the most cost effective solution but it is the least safe since your data is vulnerable to attack or corruption.

The next step up in server solutions is a virtual private server, also known as a VPS server. This is similarly one single server, but the server is partitioned and each user gets their own partition that functions as a virtual server. This is more safe than a shared server because each user can configure his or her partition how they see fit and other users’ activities won’t affect their data.

Lastly, a dedicated server is the ultimate solution for power users and large organizations. When you want to work with a server that can devote all of its resources to you, then you want a dedicated server. As the name suggests, you get a server dedicated solely to your data. As always, it is of utmost importance to only consider a server dedicated for security and one that will properly store and manage your data.

Without having to share your resources with others, there are plenty of advantages that come with a dedicated server. This is why it is often the server of choice for businesses, from corporations to startups.

See if a dedicated server is good for you and whether it is the best server configuration for you or your business.

Benefits of a Server Dedicated for Security

The first major benefit from having your data in a dedicated server, where it is isolated from any other data, is the security. A server dedicated for security is one that has all the measures in place to safeguard your important data. You will not have to share your server with any data that you cannot check. This means that there is no one who can knowingly or unknowingly upload a virus, malware, or other malicious software to your server. This keeps your data safe from corruption.

Because you have the server dedicated to you, you also do not compete for resources. Aside from having the entire disk space of the server at your disposal for you to fill up as you please, you also have access to all the RAM and bandwidth that the server can provide. This means never having your processing speed slow down because of someone else’s heavy activity.

You also get more flexibility with your dedicated server. Because you have the resources of the server dedicated for security, you have control over the operating system, settings, relevant software, and other preferences that you might have. You cannot get this on a shared server because your choices will affect everyone else you share the server with, and their choices will affect yours. This is especially relevant if you opt for managed hosting, as you will have a more hands-on experience with your server.

Having a Server Dedicated to Your Website

If you plan to have your website hosted, a server dedicated to your site and a server dedicated for security will give you many advantages that you and the visitors of your site can benefit from. A dedicated web server definitely have the edge over shared web hosting.

Aside from the already obvious advantage of being able to utilize all that space, having a dedicated server host will give you reliable speeds that will help you and your website’s visitors have a pleasant experience working on your site.

Dedicated servers also enjoy less downtime compared with other server options. With a website that is hardly ever down, you will be able to make the most use of your website. This is especially true for e-commerce websites, where time spent down equates to revenue lost. This is also why it is important to find the right dedicated service provider, as a good provider will be able to keep your website up.

A dedicated server also comes with a unique IP address that you can use to better develop your website. This unique IP will also make sure that your website is never blacklisted, as you risk when you share the IP address with websites that have questionable content.


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