Rent Server on the Budget


22 Feb 2016


Rent Server Space as a Cost-effective Measure

While those that are both tech savvy and rich might have every reason to buy a server for their storage and hosting needs, the high costs involved means that it really makes more sense to rent server space rather than buy a server.

Basically, renting a server is less of a commitment or an investment. This is especially true if you have no experience buying servers. What if you buy the wrong one? How do you take care of it? What do you do if it breaks? You will be left wondering if things would have gone smoother if you had left it to the professionals.

Rent Server: Easier to handle

When you rent server space, the server stays with a professional server hosting. This means you have the option of letting them manage it. For most of us who are not tech experts or have the resources to hire an IT department, this can be a big help.

The professionals can regularly check on your rented server in order to ensure that it is running optimally. You can even have them install relevant software that can help your rented server function better.

Light on the budget

Buying a server is a big investment. It can cost you between a few thousand dollars for a cheap server to more than ten thousand dollars for a high-performance one.

On the other hand, if you rent server space, you can spread out that cost over a long period of time, making it easier for your wallet to handle. This also makes it easier in the scenario that you choose a server and later find out it is not enough for you. When you rent a server, all you have to do is rent a different server, rather than buy an entirely new server.

Total operation costs also go down, as servers take up a lot of power to run. You will not feel the pain in your electric bill if you choose to rent a server. While you may think the electricity cost will just be reflected in your bill, a good rented server provider will have energy consumption in mind as part of its overhead costs. Not to mention, servers use up a surprising amount of energy even when they are not at full capacity.

 Rent server space for the environment

Whether you are an environmentalist or not, you have to know that the decision to rent server space will help take care of the environment. Aside from the already mentioned issue regarding power, servers deteriorate over time. This means that eventually you will get little use from it, and you will have to throw it away.

But wait! Simply throwing away a server like you would bubble gum is toxic for the environment. You will end up hurting the environment unless you take the proper measures to dispose of it properly, which going back to costs, is really expensive. And all for one server!

A company that specializes in servers is required by law to dispose of them properly, so these companies already have standard procedures to make sure they can dispose of them in an environmentally conscious and economical way.


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