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15 Jan 2016


Rent A Server Benefits

If you have a website – whether it be for personal or business reasons – than you are aware of the intricacies that go into building a website. Sure, you can use one of the many free website providers that exist on the Internet. These services offer you templates that you can use to build a basic landing page or website.

Many people think: free is great! But they are not aware that these free services are truly limiting. First, you only get a small amount of storage space for your website. This means you are limited in the amount and type of content you can upload to your website. Similarly, bandwidth is limited which means that your website will not run in tip-top shape and may lag or be slow to load. Lastly, these free website are often paid for with ads that will be hosted on your website, not an ideal situation especially for those that are running a business.

That’s why any serious individual or business should only consider using quality hosting servers in order to host their website. Administration and price are just two of many reasons why individuals and companies decide to rent a server instead of buying one, or make use of services that are offered by cloud storage providers. If you are not sure which solution would suit you better, this short article might help you make a decision.

Lets’ start from the beginning. One of the biggest benefits to renting a server when compared to buying one, which is forgotten all too often, is that renting has a great impact on our health and environment. Surprised?

Rent A Server And Save

As you already know, every device that you use is an energy consumer. Everyday objects that we use such as battery chargers, laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. all use valuable energy in order to function. Yet, each has its own unique energy needs.

While your regular computer uses 15 percent of its workload power – the amount of work that the computer processor is currently using – one server can use more than 90 percent of the regular workload power and energy. The interesting thing about server consumption is that they use energy even if they don’t operate at full capacity.

You don’t have to be an environmentalist in order to understand that this has huge consequences for our environment.

You won’t have to deal the problem of server energy consumption (or at least it won’t be visible on your power bill) if you decide to rent a server. In fact, you won’t have to deal with energy consumption at all. And if you choose a company that has advanced hardware, such as energy friendly hardware, you will not only get a proper hosting solution, but you will also be helping the environment.

Here is another related issue that comes with buying a server: What will you do with your broken or outdated server? You will have to take steps to dispose of it properly, which will take time and money. Not disposing of the old or broken servers properly is dangerous to the environment. That’s why the decision to rent a server can save you a headache and simultaneously save the environment.

As you probably know, computer components contain extremely toxic materials. Therefore, it’s wiser, easier and cost-effective to rent a cheap dedicated server and not worry about the consequences of buying a piece of equipment that you can’t dispose of.

Again, you will have fewer problems if you decide to rent a server. The majority of companies that offer this service have an obligation to dispose of all potentially dangerous materials properly.

Investing In A New Server Can Destroy Your Budget

Of course, there is an economic factor involved in this decision as well. If you have done some research on the issue, you probably noticed that buying a classic server isn’t cheap at all.

In most cases, you will have to invest about $2,500 for the most basic model with the most modest performance specifications. But, if you want to get a device with better performance, something that would be enough for more demanding tasks, then you will have to pay more than $10,000.

Alternatively you can decide to use a lower, cheaper version and upgrade it over the time. Although this option seems reasonable, it can easily turn out to be a bad financial move. Sometimes, the upgrades can cost you three times more than the regular server. It would be smarter to try a web hosting server.

Renting a server is a great option for all those who need performance for an affordable price. Of course, be clear about what your requirements are and make sure you choose the most suitable option.


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