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22 Feb 2016


Network Servers: A Valuable Business Asset

One of the most fascinating changes of the last century is the way people, places, and things are becoming interconnected thanks to the Internet and the proliferation of computing technology. The phone that you use on a daily basis is more powerful than the fastest computers from ten years ago. As computers become more omnipresent and as they become a fixture in our everyday lives, they are having an important impact in the ways businesses work.

Every single business across the globe makes use of computers in some way. Whether they run a website, make use of social media, or just use an electronic point of sale, computers are invaluable to the modern business world.

In today’s fast-paced world, the more efficiently you can send data from one person to another affects the overall quality of your business. Whether your business has five work stations or five thousand, network servers can be a valuable tool in bringing these work stations together and turning them into effective cogs in the well-oiled machine that is your company.

Network servers are becoming very popular nowadays with small companies, as they are a cost-effective way to make your work place more efficient without having to make too big of an investment.

Connecting your workspaces with network servers

Network servers work by having machines dedicated to connecting your different work stations together, allowing for the easy transfer of files and other data. These also make use of cloud server storage as a means to increase the overall amount of data that your work place can hold. This also lessens the need for a set of clunky external hard drives sitting in the corner of the office.

If you have a small business, you may think that a network server is out of reach for your company’s budget. However, there are plenty of ways to set up a cheap network server, especially if you will only be connecting a few work stations, such as the case with a small business or even a home.

You can even use old or used desktop computers to serve as your sever. This will save you a lot of overhead costs, as the computer can already be considered an idle asset in most cases. You can achieve adequate speeds for running your small business by setting up a peer-to-peer connection or peers.

Peers simply connect a certain number of computers together in a way that will allow you to send each other important files. If you do not feel right about using old and used computers to set this up, you can also go with a server rental. In this configuration, companies can lease you computers that are really designed to be servers which you can use to set up a network.

Getting the right equipment

However, if you are a larger company, it would be best to purchase the hardware necessary to run your network servers from a company that specializes in servers. This will mean that the numerous computers that work for your company will be able to have a reliable connection with each other even when the Internet connection is not reliable.

You will obviously also need much more intense security than a small business does, and you cannot achieve this with peers. This is also a concern for small companies that are projected to become larger, as they will quickly outgrow these peer setups. For this, a server setup with domain control is highly effective.

Even with these considerations, a network server for your large company is not necessarily expensive. While the equipment might need to be better, it does not need to be a set of high-performance super computers. The cost of these machines are similar to that of mid-range personal computers being used today.

Overall, if you run a business, no matter the size, it is important to evaluate your current computer configuration and determine if it is serving your needs properly. You may not realize it, but your slow or out-of-date system may be slowing down your business and limiting your growth. Do a thorough check of your system and see what sort of issues you currently face or what kind of problems frequently arise.

If you determine that it is time to upgrade to a new system, do some research online to be sure that you find a system that is the perfect fit for your company.


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