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31 May 2016


What You Get from Netherlands Web Hosting

When you are running a website, whether for your company or for some other purpose, you will need that website to be hosted. In this day and age, it is commonplace for websites to stay running all the time, with frequent downtime being a major problem. Whoever you expect to visit your website, such as your customers or people you hope to educate, will be turned away if your website is frequently seen offline. This is why you cannot just keep your website running on a simple computer, as you will never be able to turn that computer off.

Instead, you are better off availing of Netherlands web hosting, as this will give you access to a machine that will have no other job than to run your website. That machine is known as a server, and you can use servers to just about do any function a personal computer can do and more. This includes hosting a website.

Types of web hosting

There are several types of web hosting Amsterdam servers. This includes dedicated server hosting, which gives you an entire machine serving only your website, which gives you access to the full power and security of that machine. However, this is very expensive.

An alternative would be a shared server. This is much more common and much cheaper. However, your data becomes vulnerable, as it shares the same web hosting Amsterdam server with several other websites. If the data of one website were to be corrupted, then it would corrupt the data of all the websites it shares a physical server with.
A combination of the two would be a virtual private server. This type of Netherlands web hosting allows you to have a segment of a dedicated server, which means you can get the security of the dedicated server without all of the power and less of the expense.

The benefits of web hosting Amsterdam

When you decide which type is best for you, you need to choose a provider. This will be your server hosting company that will run your server for you. With, you can opt for Netherlands web hosting. This comes with colocation services that means that, even if one physical server fails, all the data is backed up in another server.

With Netherlands web hosting, you get a 40 Gbps redundant network that will establish both a private and public connection with all our other server. It also comes with cloud integration for better scaling and output.

Overall, web hosting Amsterdam can help give your website capabilities that make it much more able to serve its visitors. It will be a huge benefit to the operations of your website if you opt for any of the various dedicated servers available on This gives you access to our free cross-continental network that connects three continents with a 20 Gbps link. These Dell servers come in a variety of specifications to deal with the different needs you may have. Just choose which one fits your needs the best depending on the specifications that your website might need.


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