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15 May 2016


The Benefits of Using Managed Server Hosting for Businesses

The Internet is a commonly used tool nowadays as it is used for communication among other things. With the widespread availability of laptops, computers and mobile devices, having access to all your accounts is easy. This is why most businesses try to make it a point to establish their online presence before even starting out the business. By putting up your email services and even the website with the help of many hosting services (e.g. managed server hosting) there are online, you will be able to communicate with your clients even without a physical office space yet. This is why most business people choose to make use of the many online cloud storage options to help beef up their website first, especially during pre-operational stages of the business. With the many cloud storage options available in the market, starting up a business has become more doable with the help of technology.

What is Managed Server Hosting?

Among the many server hosting options, one of the better options would be a managed server hosting service. Compared to a dedicated server, a managed server hosting service would be basically the same thing. But one main difference it would have from a dedicated server would be that the server is managed by a hosting provider. It is basically like a dedicated server however it is managed by the web host. Similar to a dedicated server, you will have full control of the server. You will be able to make full use of all the resources of the server you are paying for. However similar to a dedicated server, there is a certain amount of bandwidth allocated for that particular server you are paying for.

What Makes Managed Server Hosting Better?

What makes managed server hosting different is the level of management and maintenance of server. Managed hosting services are best used for companies that do not have in-house IT personnel. Although it is quite hard for most companies to relinquish the control of their servers to a service provider, it is actually more beneficial to do so. Not only would managed hosting services be more cost effective, but this will also help you concentrate on more important and integral tasks needed for the business. Instead of the clients managing the server themselves, they pass the task over to a hosting provider. This will help you focus on what the business really needs instead of spending so much time with maintenance. Maintenance entails a lot of effort, time and even financial resources. So by taking this task out, you will actually be saving money in the long run and can even focus on marketing your services and products.

But always make sure to check out the many options there are available. If you are considering to make use of cloud services, make sure to go through a cloud storage tutorial to learn about cloud storage for business. But make sure to check all options so you can make an educated decision.


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