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24 Apr 2016


What is Linux vps vpn?

A Linux vps vpn is a virtual private network (VPN) hosted on virtual private server (VPS) that runs on a Linux operating system. Although the web server on a vps linux is shared with other hosted websites, you are still able to have a full control over your resources and even create your own cloud server hosting if you want.

But with the utilization of a VPN, you are able to send and receive computer and other information from other website users under the same shared web server.

Major Factors in Choosing the Right Linux vps vpn

Vps linux is one of the best servers there is because of its reliability, scalability and security. But when you choose the right Linux vps vpn web hosting, there are major factors that you need to consider before you finally decide on what you need to get. Remember, these factors are based on the resources offered VPS hosting providers.

1. Bandwidth

This refers to the measurement of the computer network’s ability to send and receive and information within the web server. The needed amount of bandwidth highly depends on how much incoming traffic your vps linux will get. If you have a personal website, you may only need a 1MB bandwidth size to completely load a web page. But if you have gaming server, then you need more bandwidth to pull up the game.

2. Virtual Central Processing Unit or CPU

Most of the time, VPS hosting providers give you a virtual central processing unit or CPU, which acts like the tangible CPU machine to power the whole computer system. This CPU operating in a virtualized environment typically supplies the horsepower or speed of your virtual private server.

3. Disk Space

If you have a large virtual private network, then consider getting a large disk or storage space for your server. Having enough space allows you to accommodate several servers and keep volumes of data and other files.

4. Random Access Memory

In cases when you have a lot of software applications and/or services running on your virtual private server, then make sure you have enough RAM to accommodate all of them, keeping them running in the system.

5. Price

Apparently, that is the first thing you tend to look at when you are planning to get a VPS hosting service. There are some services that cost really expensive because of what they offer.. But if you try to look further, then you’ll definitely have the right VPS hosting plan with the most affordable price.


Aside from the five major factors, there are other plans that provide more features like offering backup system just in case your server suddenly gets compromised. For your Linux vps vpn, do not settle for the cheapest subscription hosting plan. Yes, you are presented with numerous choices, but this guide will help in narrowing down your selections until you have finally found the one that is going to give back your money’s worth.


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