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15 Apr 2016


Linux vps tutorial for Beginners

If you do not have in-depth knowledge on operating systems, servers and other technical stuff related to computers, then this Linux vps tutorial is going to guide you in creating your own website on a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated web server. This is going to be simple and straightforward, making sure that you are able to understand the steps as you go along the process.

Easy Linux vps tutorial to Create a Website

Before this guide starts, make sure that Linux is running on dedicated servers hosting. Once you have already set up a website, you can use it as a cloud storage online where you can keep and secure your files.

Assuming that you are going to install an Apache Tomcat, which is a website server for a number of operating systems, follow these steps presented in this Linux vps tutorial.

1. Check if Apache is running on your dedicated web server or virtual private server. If it is, then copy the IP address and paste it on the web browser bar. You should see a page that states you are “unable to connect”. This means that Apache has been uninstalled.

2. Minimize the web browser and open the PuTTY icon on the desktop. Once it is open, click the IP address, which will open a command prompter. Then, login as root and enter your password.

3. Once you have logged in, type: $ yum install httpd php mysql – server mysql . Press enter.

4. After pressing enter, you will be able to see the packages, which may take a few seconds to complete.

5. When it stops, you will notice, “Total download size” and a question asking, “Is this ok [y/N]”. Enter “Y” for yes to download all the packages to complete the installation process for the Apache server.

6. Once complete, type: service httpd start, then press enter.

7. Go back the web browser, copy and paste the same IP address on the browser. You should be able to see an Apache web server or website running on your dedicated web server or virtual private server.

How to Install Minecraft dedicated servers hosting

If you want to play Minecraft but you do not know how to install the game on a dedicated server, then follow this Linux vps tutorial to help you. Take note, make sure you have Java installed already since this game runs on Java script.

1. Open a Secure Shell or SSH client, then login.
2. Make a folder where you want to the online game like mkdir minecraft.
3. Once you have created the folder, replace the directory to cd minecraft.
4. Run this command on Java, java-version.
5. Download the Java Archive file of Minecraft, curl -O
6. Open the port where you want the online game listen on.
sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp –dport 25565 -j ACCEPT
7. Then, automatically saves and the computer restarts.
8. If you want to run Minecraft without connecting to the server, then you need to install a screen. Type sudo yum install screen.
9. To start the server of your Minecraft, type screen java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui .


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