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24 Apr 2016


How does a Linux vps server hosting work?

In simplest terms, a Linux vps server (VPS means Virtual Private Server) hosting works by letting you run other operating systems with one server provider. A clear example is when your desktop or personal computer has a Linux OS, you are allowed to install and run a different operating system, may that be an Android OS, Chrome OS, Windows 7 or XP, without having to start your computer again.

Moreover, it is much better to have a Linux VPS than to buy a dedicated server basically because the former is more affordable and exudes more effective management than the latter.

If you work with a dedicated server, then you should be up for the challenge. This is because you may need to spend higher costs while you have to manage the server all by yourself. From upgrading the hardware, clearing the patches to providing server maintenance, you have to do everything on your own.

Whereas working with a VPS would give you the benefits of both dedicated server and shared hosting. It means reasonable yet affordable costs, providing you with more capacity to control the server while being flexible at the same time. You also have a Structured Query Language or sql server hosting for better system maintenance.

Features of Linux vps server Hosting

Aside from its low costs, Linux vps server does have other features that you will definitely appeal to you.

1. Being Flexible

Virtual Privater Servers have the capabilities to handle different kinds of websites, ranging from medium to extra-large sizes. They are easily upgraded and can be installed with software applications. You can also use them if you want to play online games or stream movies.

2. Sharing of Resources

The disk space is independent of the storage memory. Apparently, each account on the server is allocated with its own memory and space. But you will always have available RAM any time you need to use it.

3. Keeping High Security

In a virtual environment, each user has his or her own file system, allowing them to set up their own security protocol to safeguard their data and prevent intruders from jeopardizing the system of the user.

Benefits of Linux VPS Hosting

For this part, what can you, as a user, get from a Linux VPS hosting that you can not gain if you buy dedicated server?

1. You have the Freedom to Customize your own Server.

That speaks for itself. Having a VPS means you get to manage your very own operating system. You are also given the opportunities to change the different forms of server applications, like Apache, MySQL databases and PHP, according to how you want to use them.

2. You have your own Private Space.

Yes, you can share resources with other VPS servers, but you have an operating system all to yourself, preventing other websites within your server from accessing your data and files.

3. You have Full Control of your Server.

You have no restrictions with a Linux vps server. You have the freedom to control the scope of your VPS hosting, which includes the installations of software applications and programs, rebooting and restarting of the system.

Technically speaking, you share one server provider with other VPS clients. But even if that is the case, they can not be affected when you need to restart the system of your own computer.


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