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26 Apr 2016


Why Linux vps server hosting is better than Shared Hosting

To answer the question why Linux vps server hosting is better than shared hosting, this part of the article is going to define both web hosting services. The next part is going to provide the advantages and disadvantages of both of shared and VPS hostings.

Shared Hosting

The cheapest, fastest and most popular form of web hosting for network servers, shared hosting is employed by more than 90 percent of advertisement and website blogs all over the internet. Without having to spend so much, you can actually launch your own website with the help of shared hosting.

Yes, it is cheap, but you should know that it is not the most secure type mainly because it is shared. When you use shared hosting, all your websites will have the same server that is also being utilized by other websites unknown to you. All the resources you need are in that one main server and you have to act fast to get the resources you need. Else, other websites may pull those resources, leaving you with undesirable pieces.

Moreover, you are not able to customize any part of your website. However, the cost of maintenance and the responsibility to keep everything running are distributed to all website owners, making it an affordable service.

VPS Hosting

VPS means Virtual Private Server. When you get the services of VPS hosting, your websites are still hosted on one server, which is shared by other websites. However, the difference is that your vps provider will give a set of resources that you can use all to yourself. You can do whatever you want with them according to your needs.

Considering that you have a Linux vps server hosting, you have better and tighter security than shared hosting since you are able to utilize your own resources to maximize the protection system for your websites. Most companies use this type of web hosting for reliability and stability.

Despite having a high-quality protection you should not be too complacent because you still share one server with other websites, meaning there is little chances of getting your system compromised. And when it comes to its costs, VPS hosting has higher costs than shared hosting, but it costs lesser than services of hosting dedicated servers.

Advantages of Linux vps server hosting and Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting for Linux Server

– If you have a few websites to manage, then you can employ this web hosting service.
– Maintaining your server does not technical skills since the administrators have the responsibility to take care of the whole system.
– You can ask for more storage space.
– You are allowed to install all types of software applications and programs.
– Affordable prices for shared hosting plans

VPS Hosting

– Having a Linux vps server hosting means you have a huge amount of bandwidth and space that allows you to customize your resources depending on how you want to use them.
Vps provider gives you the option to downgrade or upgrade your VPS hosting subscription anytime you want.
– Installation and configuration of software programs, especially firewall, are allowed on your network servers.
– With the use of shell access, you can have a number of services within the server by running your own set of data and files.
– Straightforward scalability for you and your Linux-based server.
– Need help? There are 24/7 customer and technical support available for you.

Disadvantages of VPS and Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

– Resources are limited.
– Other websites hosted on the same server may affect the performance of your own website.
– Problems of backup, scalability and security
– You don’t have a 24/7 customer support.

VPS Hosting

– There is a need for a system administrator to provide server maintenance.
– Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting typically costs more, so be vigilant when it comes to too affordable plans.
– You must know the configuration of other applications since they may not be functioning or running well on virtual servers.


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