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24 Apr 2016


What is Linux vps cloud?

First of all, Cloud Virtual Private Server or Cloud VPS is a more advanced technological infrastructure of web hosting. The cloud basically increases or scales up the power and speed of your CPU by a number of cores, and instantly offers cloud storage solutions such as providing more RAM for your website. Meanwhile, the innovation of VPS allows you to control your own website on a virtualization server where it receives resources, which are all dedicated to your website.

Aside from dedicating all resources to your website, improving the power and speed of your CPU, having a full control of your own website and increasing the solid-state drive (SSD) storage memory, a cloud VPS web hosting boasts of having its own hardware for self-healing. It implies that if one network node fails to do its purpose, then the cloud VPS will directly go to another network node, preventing a loss of revenue and time. Yes, you may be offline for a moment, but then you immediately get back online.

Second of all, a Linux vps cloud does the same thing, but for a specific web hosting server. If you have a Linux-based server, then the next part of this article will provide the benefits of a cloud VPS hosting for Linux.

Benefits of Linux vps cloud

Apparently, there are numerous online companies that offer VPS cloud hosting services. But most of the time, businesses that have websites choose to get a Linux vps cloud mainly because of the following reasons:

1. Affordability or Low Cost

Let’s face it. Not everyone is blessed with abundant finances. There are business individuals who only have enough to launch a website and make it accessible to the users. Despite having such monetary circumstance, you can actually squeeze a little budget for a Linux vps cloud hosting since it is fairly affordable.

Typically, most VPS cloud providers will allow you to select the specific resources that you want to have. Whether you choose to get more storage memory or further increase the power and speed of your server for a couple of hours, you will only spend on that particular resource. You do not have to worry about the calculation since the system will do that for you.

2. Dependable, Reliable, Secure

This is one of the reasons why a lot of businesses like to have a Linux-based web hosting server. It is dependable, reliable, and it is well-designed with a simple yet durable operating system that is strong enough to block or prevent suspicious threats from compromising the whole system.

With the affordable Linux cloud private virtualization server, you now have a secure storage where you can keep and save all your data without having to worry about losing them. Moreover, there is no need for you to handle the backups since the VPS provider will manage them on your behalf.

3. Much Easier Collaboration

Cloud VPS is one of the best cloud storage solutions, letting you save all of your data and programs in one place. With this, it is much easier to collaborate with other members of the team as you work on a particular project because all the resources are easily tracked.

Deployment Models of Cloud VPS Hosting

*Private Cloud VPS Hosting is generally employed by an independent organization or business company.
*Public Cloud VPS Hosting refers to a public use. However, it can be operated by any organization utilizing it.
*Hybrid Cloud VPS Hosting consists of having more than two standardized infrastructures.


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