Understanding Linux Virtual Server Hosting


22 Feb 2016


What You Need to Know About Linux Virtual Server Hosting

If you need a server to store and process your data, then you have the option of a dedicated server or a virtual server. There are many pros and cons to think about, but the bottom line is if you think that you do not need the level of resources and security afforded by a dedicated server and you feel it would be too big of an investment, then a virtual server might be more suited to your needs.

But your options do not end with choosing a virtual server. Aside from picking a package and plan that gives you the amount of storage, space, and bandwidth that you need, you will also need to choose an operating system or OS to go with your server. While some prefer to remain loyal to Windows, there are plenty of reasons to opt for Linux virtual server hosting when considering your server needs.

Linux virtual server hosting is stable, secure, and customizable

Linux is much less well-known than Windows or other operating systems for that matter. When it comes to servers, a lot of companies and websites prefer Linux virtual server hosting because it gives them data processing that has been historically proven to be more stable, hardly ever seeing downtime. Linux has a better track record with juggling multiple processes at the same time, compared to Windows. It also does not require a reboot in order to configure changes.

Linux virtual server hosting is also more secure. While virtual servers are already the less secure cousins of dedicated servers, going for Linux gives you a greater degree of security because Linux servers rarely ever become victims of viruses and malware. It is also much easier to control your Linux server as an administrator.

Hosting servers on Linux also gives a user a degree of flexibility as it is more customizable. There are also no commercial vendors trying to force you to purchase certain software, so you are free to get whatever suits your needs.

. . . and affordable!

Because Linux as an OS is free and is compatible with most open-source programs, your total cost of using a Linux server will be much cheaper than using a Windows server. Since you are choosing a virtual server in the first place, you obviously value reducing costs. Linux virtual server hosting will help maintain your bottom line by keeping your costs low with the same level of service that will help you gain a profit from your website or business.

In fact, since you are already saving so much money, you might even consider opting for a Linux VPS provider, which will give you an added level of security since it works by partitioning the server, keeping your files separate from those you share a physical server with.

In the end, the choice is up to you. But if you want to try something you are not necessarily used to and are willing to handle the learning curve, then you might find it quite rewarding to opt for a Linux virtual server. It can give you a unique set of features for a much lower cost.

Since there are so many different providers on the Internet that offer Linux virtual servers, you need to do some research to determine which company will be best for you. You need to consider all of your needs and demands in order to understand exactly what you want to get out of your virtual server.

Once you have evaluated your current scenario, then it is time to turn to the Internet to look up the different Linux virtual server providers and get an understanding of what each of them offers. It is important not just to consider the different services offered, but also the prices associated with each hosts plan and the level of customer service provided by the hosting company.

Be sure to work with an IT professional and other departments in your company in order to make sure that the server that you choose is the perfect fit. You need to make sure everyone’s needs are being met, but that you are also staying within your budget constraints. Because of this, it is of upmost importance to work with teams from a variety of disciplines in your business to get everyone’s opinions and input.

Overall, if you do the proper research and dedicate the time and effort necessary to choosing the right server, you will be left with the best fit for you and your business.


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