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18 Apr 2016


What is Linux server ubuntu?

Aside from the fact that it supported by Linux OS, Linux server ubuntu is based on the free software called Debian, which is under the license of GNU GPL. This server is compatible with network servers, personal computer and smart devices like smartphones and tablets. As you continue to read, you will be able to know its features and some of its alternative versions.

Features of Linux server ubuntu

Known as one of the pioneering scale-out computing platforms, Linux server ubuntu boasts of having several alternatives or variants that include desktop, Edubuntu, Lubuntu, Mythbuntu, Server and Lubuntu (they will be discussed later). Apparently, they are all compatible with each other. By default, an installed Ubuntu already contains software programs like Firefox and Thunderbird as well as application games like chess and Sudoku.

As one of the best servers catered to the needs of small businesses, Ubuntu has a straightforward installation process. You just need to download it from a free open source, then directly install it without undergoing registration protocols. It can also be used to create vps servers, providing you with your own Ubuntu Server and server resource.

Although it does not have other outstanding features, it is designed to work impressively well as a server. It already has a good, functioning system and a reliable network administrator, offering you with a variety of options that users can utilize according to how he or she wants it to work.

Users can even integrate it with other virtual servers. Furthermore, the server releases or updates are supported by its parent company Canonical for a duration of five years.

But whatever version of Linux server ubuntu you are employing, you are allowed to install any type of software, for as long as it is compatible with Ubuntu. Canonical also offers various professional supports, which include Landscape systems management virtualization, training and service as well as integration with several cloud services for commercial purposes.

Versions of Linux server ubuntu

As what has been previously mentioned, Linux server ubuntu has several versions that are backed up by Canonical. However, the following variants are not supported by Canonical in terms of commercial ventures.

*Edubuntu was initially referred as Ubuntu Education Edition. Currently, it is recognized as one of the official variants of Ubuntu OS. It is an add-on and a sub-project of the Ubuntu and has been primarily designed to cater to the needs of the community-based, home-based and school-based users.

As a matter of fact, it is a collaborative project of teachers and information technologists who came from other countries. It targets younger users whose ages range from 6 to 18 years old, making the installation easy for the youngsters.

*Mythbuntu is another variant of Linux-based Ubuntu that utilizes the Xfce desktop operating system. With the integration of MythTV, this Ubuntu server is designed to create a media center computer, which already supports various functionalities like audio playback, photo viewing, video watching and recording.

*Ubuntu Studio has also been recognized as an official Ubuntu version. Coming with a more advanced free editing program application, this variant is well-designed for professional audio and video editors.


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