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04 May 2016


Scope of Linux server services

As one of the most impenetrable operating systems, Linux provides adjustable, economical and open technology that is capable of turning your server environment more compelling and more effective. It would also be helpful to employ a few Linux server services, which may include web server hosting, hosting vps as well as installation of a linux cloud server hosting. For the next part of this article, you will be able to learn what each service can do to your Linux server.

Understanding the Linux server services

After mentioning some Linux server services, let us get to know each one of them and discover what they could do to enhance the whole configuration of your Linux environment.

1. Web Hosting

In simplest terms, this service allows an individual or a group of users to make their website accessible and visible through the internet. Typically, web hosts manage this type of internet service and provide clients with space that can either be leased or owned. They also offer a wide range of tools needed in launching a completely functional business or personal website.

Most of the time, companies provide Linux-based web hosting services, offering different forms of software. LAMP, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, Pert/PHP/Phython, is the most common configuration that is compatible with a Linux server.

This also includes a web server hosting, which develops and delivers the web pages to potential clients. These web pages are frequently in HTML documents that may consist of images, scripts, theme and even text content. Moreover, the client is able to communicate with the server and vice versa with the use of Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP.

2. Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting

Companies that offer web hosting are also hosting vps or Virtual Privater Server, which manages its own version of operating system (OS) and allows clients to have access to that OS, letting them install any kind of software that is compatible with that Os as well.

VPS Hosting is one of Linux server services and employing such service will provide developers and online businesses more consistency, power and stability in managing their websites successfully.

Usually, VPS hosting can be customized according to the needs of your web hosting. And as your website grows, this further improves the performance of your website.

3. Cloud Hosting

This service somehow connects all involved machines in the server and makes them work as a unified system. It easily integrates additional resources like Random Access Memory or RAM into the system, enabling a positive and flexible growth for the website.

A linux cloud server specifically works best with Linux OS. There are pre-installed cloud servers such as CentOS 7, Debian 7.8, Fedora 21 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

Benefits of Linux server services

Although each service has presented its own features, Linux server services generally provides the following benefits:

*Offer economical yet fast configuration and implementation of Linux OS
*Improve the critical applications for business websites
*Tighten the system’s security, blocking potential online threats that could malfunction the whole system
*Reduce the business downtime while visitors explore the website


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