Linux server rental for E-Commerce


18 Apr 2016


Linux server rental for E-Commerce Business

Whether it is for personal or E-commerce business use, a website is definitely a helpful, virtualized tool to reach anyone around the world. And as the significance of websites grows even further, numerous providers that offer different types of web hosting services also gain from the positive development.

Some of these web hosting companies provide Linux-compatible dedicated servers that supply resources to further develop a website hosted on its web server. They have Linux server rental that comes with server storage, bandwidth, processor, memory and other useful resources. Aside from dedicated servers, they also offer other server rental services like cheap vps (virtual private server) and shared hosting (virtual server).

Benefits of a Linux server rental

Here are the benefits of a Linux server rental for your E-commerce business.

1. Flexibility

With a Linux server rental, you are assured of flexibility that allows you to produce your very own websites, blogs, discussions and forums, multimedia software applications and other internet-based platforms. Moreover, users are given the opportunity to utilize the desktop and server applications as well as embedded programs. Backed up or supported by General Public License (GNU), Linux users are able to install and configure only the needed components to save the space provided by the disk.

2. Topnotch Reliability and Security

Servers that are based on Linux OS have impenetrable defenses, making it difficult for potential security threats from entering and compromising the server storage and other parts of the system. It can easily detect suspicious malware even before it reaches the system. Linux-based dedicated servers also boast of being reliable web servers that make sure your websites are always online and accessible by visitors.

3. Fast Speed and Straightforward

E-commerce businesses that have websites hosted on Linux web servers experience impressive performance and speed as they load the web pages. Aside from fast speed, they are user-friendly and exude straightforward installations. Apparently, they already come with pre-installed software programs, which you modify according to the needs of your website.

4. Unmatched Technical Support

When we speak of technical support, Linux is unmatched and is known to be the best in helping its users. With the aid of Linux-based web hosting services, users can be confident and complacent in cases when technical issues arise since they are assured of excellent customer and technical support.

5. Affordable Service Prices

People who are into online businesses do not have to worry about expensive costs since Linux does not require its users to pay pricey licensing fees. You can even download applications such as DNS server and File Transfer Protocol for free and employ them to improve the performance of your web server.


If you are not inclined to the technical aspects of launching a website or maintaining the performance of the web server, then there is nothing wrong to spend on Linux server rental. If for instance, you find dedicated servers too costly for you, then you can have cheap vps to support your online business.

Yes, you may need to spend a lot, but it as an investment. Anyway, you will be able to get back what you have paid for once your e-commerce business is successfully and continuously booming.


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