Linux server price compared to Windows


14 Apr 2016


Linux Server Price – an important factor to consider

Linux is now installed on over 95% of supercomputers. It has already established and demonstrated that it is one of the fastest performing operating systems available today. Since the operating system itself is already free, Linux server price is relatively lower compared to Windows (whose licenses are known to be expensive). With Linux, you can choose to invest in a premium hosting server or a cheap vps. The details of these points will be discussed further in the article. A comparison between Linux virtual server and Windows servers will also be tackled in the next part.

Windows VS Linux Server Price and Features

Windows and Linux are two very different types of operating systems. For web servers, Linux is undeniably the most popular OS. A server operating system or server OS is an operating system, which is specifically designed to run on servers. The selections of the right operating system and host server are vital to the future of your endeavors, may it be for your personal needs or business needs. Here are some of the features that make any Linux virtual server better than Windows server any day.

1. Cost of ownership
Linux operating system is free, but you still need to pay for corporate support. Despite having to pay a certain amount, Linux is still cheaper than Windows. Linux server price is still less than any Windows server due to its pricing structure. Linux does not have a per-user licensing of Linux server OS distributions while Windows has had a long reputation as an expensive server OS combined with the price of the Client Access Licenses.

2. Stability and Security
Linux server price is not only the factor that makes Linux better than Windows. Many Linux users have never seen a crash, unlike Microsoft users have experienced. The latter’s “downtimes” are likely to be expected.
When it comes to stability, Linux can also handle multiple processes better than Windows does. Linux is also more secure than Windows because Linux is a multi-user operating system. Only the administrator will have access to the kernel or other users. While Windows can hide some files and/or data from the system admin, this never happens in a Linux OS where the system admin is always in control and has a clear view of all files and data.

3. Freedom and Accessibility
With a Linux server, you are free to choose what products or protocols are useful for your business. There is no commercial vendor to force you to buy what you do not need. Linux is also flexible and scalable. This means that it can run on any computer, regardless of the processor or machine architecture.


Looking for the right operating system and host server provider is very challenging. You really need to understand every detail on stability, security, accessibility and cost because once you have chosen, purchased and launched your website using this server operating system, you are already making it available to users. The success of your website is a big factor that determines whether or not your business will also succeed.


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