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25 Apr 2016


Types of Linux server online

Generally speaking, when you are presented with numerous choices, it is definitely difficult to choose which one fits your needs and wants. That is the same thing when you are selecting a server. There are so many options, making it a bit confusing to get the right one for you.

However, if you have decided to own a linux server, then it still needs to be narrowed down since there are a number of Linux server online to choose from. Apparently, individuals who are into technological stuff find it easier to select what they like because they have already known what they want. In the case of a beginner, here are some common types of Linux web servers that you may want to have.

1. Application Server that is basically used to run any type of software application.
2. Cache Server keeps track of the web pages a user has visited. It can also increase the internet speed since those web pages that were previously accessed are securely stored on the user’s local network.
3. Database Server offers database Server Hosting services to potential clients. It can be employed to track and keep information like bank accounts and data sales of products. This type of server comes in different forms as well, including Informix, Ingres, JSON, MySQL, PostgreSQL, among others.
4. File Server simply gives or supplies files. Some examples of this server are File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Samba and other file servers. It can be a different form of a web server.
5. Game Server is commonly used by clients who do online games. In some cases, games employ Server Hosting so that a number of online players can be in the same online game.
6. Print Server is very much applicable to linux server. This type typically provides clients with print services, which can either be physical like a real printer machine or virtual like a printer for PDF files.
7. Proxy Server usually gathers data and sends online requests, acting on behalf of the user/client. You can rely on them when it comes to caching of data, controlling your content, logging your activities as a client, protecting privacy and many more to mention.
8. Web Server is responsible for hosting or providing websites to businesses, clients and other individual users who want to be visible on the World Wide Web. A popular example of a linux server is Apache, which is a free and open source web server.

Advantages of Linux server online

Using a Linux server online provides you with so many advantages. Actually, its advantages weigh more than its disadvantages and some of them are the following:

*Offers Stability since Linux-based servers do not crash easily. In cases when they crash, the whole system is not affected at all.
*Stays Less Vulnerable against potential system threats. Linux is well-designed to block or prevent suspicious malware from getting inside and compromising the performance of the whole system.
*Boasts of Durability as it can remain bug-free for long periods of time, retaining its premium performance beyond your expectations.
*Brings Old Computers Back to Life. For instance, if you have a computer with a Pentium III OS, then you can install it with a Linux OS and online server to make it run again.
*Speaks Freedom because most Linux distributions are downloaded for free and can be installed on several computers – as many as you want!

Some Disadvantages

If you are not a fan of Linux server online, then you may encounter these disadvantages when using Linux.

*A number of Windows Programs are not compatible with Linux.
*Linux supports a few peripheral hardware devices like printers and scanners.
*New Linux users may need to spend time in learning the operating system. However, Linux is user-friendly, so the learning process would not take so much of your time.


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