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15 Apr 2016


Reason why the need for Linux server hosting

Linux may not be a household name as much as Windows is because it only specializes in being minimal, thus allowing its system to be more flexible. A Linux doesn’t run many other tools in the background because it only focuses on one job at a time–making them unpopular for PCs and consumer gadgets wherein the average user wants to multi-task apps at a time.

When it comes to online servers, Linux server hosting is usually the best choice by webmasters or developers. It is used widely from small-time personal blogs to big time e-commerce sites, and even corporate sites. So if you’re new in this field and want to start-up a website, you might want to consider a Linux dedicated server as the best solution.

Advantages of Linux server hosting

In contrast to a shared hosting plan, a dedicated Linux server hosting allows you to host a more complex website and will not affect speed if website traffic becomes heavy. It ensures optimum performance and fewer bugs. A Linux server offers the best option especially when it comes to cost and performance. Plus, many others below:

a.) Flexibility – Linux can run different types of website platforms. As mentioned, it could run basic, simple websites and could also run big, commercial websites. It could also work on multimedia-rich websites. This is because Linux can be easily modified and updated, and that makes them the go-to-guy when it comes to web hosting. Speaking of modifying, that leads us to…

b.) Open Source – Linux is an open source platform, and that’s what makes them flexible. Through the open-sourced platform, the program gets easily updated, fixed, and improved. A global team of experts keeps the system in check by identifying and fixing bugs to increase the Linux server functionality. With its open source, Linux can also seek out the help of other open-sourced storage servers for data keeping.

c.) Fast and No-frills Functionality – Linux is designed to support basic web hosting. It supports different types of scripts: PHP, MySQL, and Perl Script. Because of this, it could easily provide better speed and performance. And because it is universally compatible with basic and complicated scripts, it can gain access to a cloud of storage servers.

Aside from optimal performance, what makes Linux win is its affordability. Since it doesn’t require licensing fees, Linux keeps their prices cheap and easily accessible to the public.

A Linux dedicated server can help your business connect with customers–be it a small or big e-commerce site. A Linux server can handle heavy web traffic pretty well while keeping it functional. It also doesn’t have expensive maintenance costs. Security breaches are also kept and proven to be at the minimum since Linux server hosting has been around ever since the Internet got started and has so far kept a good track record of maintaining critical information confidential.


So if you are a budding entrepreneur who’s looking to do business online but needs a reliable, affordable, and highly functional online server, then consider getting Linux online servers. Linux server hosting doesn’t require a hefty, set-up fee, and you don’t need to keep up with a costly monthly plan.


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