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25 Apr 2016


Guidelines in Setting Up Linux server games

When we speak of virtual servers, there will always be a server intended for online games. However, there are some people who find it difficult to set up a game server especially when they are not immersed in the technical aspects of computer programming. But as you continue to read this article, you will be able to learn how to prepare Linux server games if your computer runs on a Linux operating system.

Every game has a unique set of procedures, but there is a general process to create the game server. But first, you must have a computer. It does not have to be the latest version. A normal, functioning computer would work just fine.

Once you have the computer, choose a Linux distribution to set up the game server. You can select either Debian, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Slackware or other Linux-based OS that you can be comfortable working with. But whichever you decide to choose, just make sure that it has a graphical user interface or GUI, which you can use to control electronic devices.

Now that you have everything prepared, you can practice setting up Linux server games by configuring a server for Minetest. Once you have successfully created the server, you can try running another game server, following the same procedures with Minetest.

Configure Minetest Server

Known as a free, open-source virtual game that is based on Minecraft, Minetest has a straightforward installation. You just have to type sudo apt-get install minetest or sudo add-apt-repository ppa:minetestdevs/stable on a command prompter to extract the packages.

After running the game, open Minetest, then click on the “Advanced” button. Choose “Create World” so that you can select the name for your Minetest world, which serves as one of your virtual servers. Don’t forget to select “Minetest” as the type of your game. Once you have chosen everything, click on the “Create” icon.

You will also notice a field where you need to provide a name and a password. There is also a space box where you have to enter an IP address or port. To get your IP address, you can type “my IP address” in Google’s search box. Copy the IP address provided by Google and paste it into the Address/Port field. After entering the address, click the button of “Start Game/Connect”. To let other people log in to your server, provide them with the IP address you entered beforehand. And that is it. You now have a Minetest server.

How to Set Up Cloud Storage on Linux server games

Aside from learning how to set up Linux server games, it is also advantageous to create your own cloud server hosting that you can use to save your games and play them again from where you stopped.

You can enable your cloud storage if you have an account on EA Network, which is probably the best cloud storage for your computer games. To turn on the cloud storage, follow these steps.

1. Open Origin, which directly syncs the data generated from your game after you play the game. It is the one that saves your game data to the cloud storage and makes it available on a computer, which has an Origin.
2. After opening Opening Origin, log on to your EA Network Account, then click the Application Settings found on the menu of Origin.
3. Once you see the General Section, scroll the web page down until you are able to find Cloud Storage. Check the box to enable Cloud Storage.


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