Linux server backup for businesses


25 Apr 2016


Why do you need a Linux server backup?

When humans are prone to making mistakes, then so as computers that are run by Linux OS. As much as they are built to perfection, it is an inevitable fact that, at some point, they fail to do their job and compromise everything in the system. To avoid such circumstances, a Linux server backup would be helpful in recovering all your data files from several human and system errors. One good example is a cheap cloud server hosting where you can store files online.

Considerations in Looking for a Linux server backup

Yes, you have the freedom to employ the services of hosting servers or a cloud storage service. But as you choose your backup, consider these following features to ensure that you have a reliable and secure Linux server backup.

1. Open-Source Software will secure the recovery of your data during instances when a project suddenly stops working on the original software and fails to provide “healing” patches.
2. Auto-Changers typically consist of different types of backup devices that include an auto-loader system, directory or library, and near-line storage, allowing the users to run several operating tasks.
3. Backup Media provides users with support data saved on disks, DVDs, tapes and in cloud storage facilities like Amazon Web Services.
4. Encryption of Datastream assures that all traffic going within the client and server will be encoded or encrypted, ensuring the completeness of transmission over the internet, local or wide area networks.
5. Database Support can back up database servers like SSH, Oracle and MySQL.
6. Customer or Community Support can come as discussions, forums and contact-us. You can use this feature when you have difficulties in handling the technicalities of your backup server.
7. Alerts and Reports are important to provide you with immediate information when the system begins to show signs of failing or suspicious activities.

Open-Source Linux server backup

Here is a few open-source Linux server backup that you can use.


This stands for Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver. It is a cross-platform operating system, which means it can work well on every operating system running on desktop computers and servers. Furthermore, it lets the system administrator to create a support server to work as a backup for devices used within the network. It has an open data format, supports auto-changers and backup media.

2. BackupNinja

Works perfectly well on Linux or Unix operating systems. It is simple and straightforward when in use. To backup several hosts, all you have to do is drop the configuration files to the server. Apparently, it does not have auto-changers, it has an open data format and supports backup media such as disk files, CD or DVD and ISO images.

3. BackupPC

This is not only compatible with Linux and Unix, but also in Windows. It has a full and incremental backup levels. Despite having no auto-changer feature, it has an open data format and supports Disk and RAID storage as backup media.


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