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23 Feb 2016


Linux Dedicated Server and VPS Ubuntu!

Congratulations for making it big into the web industry. With increasing traffic every-day, you are certainly looking into dedicated servers for better management, right? Well, here’s a little hint – Linux operating system tops all charts and is reckoned as the best choice to run and maintain a demanding e-commerce site. Unlike other servers in business, Linux dedicated server is cheap and totally budget-friendly.

Wondering if it’s a reliable system to work with? Worry not! Linux dedicated server guarantees top-notch data security. It’s exquisitely designed using cutting-edge features like advanced malware, anti-spyware and optimum firewall benefits. If this wasn’t convincing enough, dedicated servers based on Linux has been successfully run and operated with zero crash reports on 10 of the best supercomputers in the world.

While dedicated servers are solely appropriate for huge set-ups, are you looking for something reasonable but equally befitting for your mid-cap business? Virtual Linux server is rightly your best aid. Haven’t you picked up on the latest buzz on cloud computing? Well, its undeniably a talk of the town, also known as VPS. While competition in business surges up day-in-day-out, corporate houses are always looking for tricks to cut costs. Virtual private servers play an exact role like dedicated servers but on a much smaller scale. It’s like occupying a small space in an office building and mimicking the functions of dedicated servers in a shared environment.

Why Linux Dedicated Server?

Prior to VPS, it was shared web hosting that ruled the mainstream. However, problems started shooting up as hosting companies sold servers, piling thousands of traffickers on the same web server. Ofcourse servers crashed and most sites underwent a marked depreciation of performance. In a nutshell, e-businesses incurred huge loses!

VPS Ubuntu sprung up as a leading-edge solution. Properly formulated by master professionals from around the world, Ubuntu hosting services marks a revolution in the world of virtualization. It offers a more stable and reliable solution to the basic web hosting needs and gives all users the liberty to enjoy complete root access of their very own virtual environment.

One of the prime reasons Linux dedicated server made a huge hit is because of its ability to secure data and prevent the site from crashing due to rising traffic. Performance and maintenance are both well taken care of by the upgraded servers. Virtual Linux server on the contrary saves you big pennies. First, incurring overwhelming costs for buying physical servers and also maintaining them is out of question. You only shell out for the much you use.

That’s not all about it! Unlike Linux dedicated server, this amazing private server rewards you the flexibility to modify your resources based on the current demand. So, if you are expecting increasing traffic in a particular season, simply modify the specifications of your server and watch it perform flawlessly.

What makes Ubuntu so popular?

VPS Ubuntu functions remarkable in the world of virtualization. Why just as a complimentary to server packages when Ubuntu is equipped and reliable to be put into use as an incredible standalone server. The same could be implemented as a remote desktop solution.

If grandstand dedicated servers successfully changed the face of virtualization, virtual private servers like Ubuntu is nothing less.


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