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15 May 2016


All You Need to Know About Email Server Hosting

Being in this digital age, most businesses and services make use of the Internet in order to reach out to more customers and clients. With the help of emails among other innovations, communication has become more instantaneous, allowing people to work more effectively and efficiently. In fact, email server hosting is actually an integral part of any business process. Being a main mode of communication, it will be difficult to function without a working email in this fast paced business world we are in.

On Setting Up An Email Server Hosting Service: Traditional vs Cloud

Being a main conduit for communication, it is essential that all businesses have a functioning email server hosting service. In fact, this would definitely be one of the first few things you have to look into before starting any businesses. Emails can be considered as the first line of communication when it comes to dealing with customers. This is why most companies put a lot of premium on getting good email server hosting service. The traditional way of going about would be getting your own mail server. You need your Mail Transfer Agent, which is in charge of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) traffic. You also need a Mail Delivery Agent which serves as the retriever of mail from the Mail Transfer Agent. Other components needed for the email service would be the IMAP and/or POP3 server, Spam Filter, Antivirus and Web mail. Although this sort of mail service would give you full control of your email, it is quite time consuming and needs a bit of maintenance, in terms of time, effort and finances. Another popular option would be those email services that are placed on a cloud server hosting. Mostly used by small to medium enterprises, cloud services are very cost effective.

Pros of Using Email Services on a Cloud Server

When choosing an email server hosting service, it is essential to see you will be able to save a lot in the long run. As you do not need to maintain your own server as well as employ many employees, cloud services are really great for company savings. Another pro or benefit to making use of email hosting services on a cloud server would be its accessibility. As your data will be on cloud, all your employees can work on the same files even while away from the office. So should clients need any data from you, you can easily send them right away. Not only would this increase productivity, but this will also help enhance the quality of service you provide your customers. Moreover due to the security settings of cloud network servers, you are assured of data recovery. There are lesser chances of you experiencing hard drives crashing as cloud services allow automatic backup of data. Furthermore with the vast cloud storage benefits, you can put in as many files as you want. Should the free account not suffice for your needs, you can also purchase a cheaper plan.


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