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22 Feb 2016


What You Get From a Dedicated Virtual Server

For most users, a dedicated virtual server is the answer to their server needs. It is a more affordable alternative to a purely dedicated server, while having much more security as compared to a virtual or shared server. But beyond that, what can you expect from it? How does it compare with its alternatives?

Before you answer that you first have to know what a dedicated virtual server is. While it is sometimes called a virtual private server or VPS, it is basically a combination of the features that are mentioned in its name. A physical machine that is a server is partitioned into several parts, each one a VPS, in a process known as virtualizing. So while you do not have the entire physical server all to yourself, as you would in a dedicated server, your data is not floating around with the data of several other clients as it is with a virtual server. Here, virtual dedicated hosting keeps your data separate from that of others you are sharing the server with.

Dedicated virtual server vs. virtual or shared server

So what does a dedicated virtual server have over a virtual or shared server in terms of benefits? For starters, it is a lot more secure. Virtual servers are similar to network servers in that all the data interacts with itself, leaving it vulnerable to attack in the case of a malicious program entering the server.

Partitioning keeps your data safe in the event of a virus or malware making it into the physical server because of some carelessness on the part of those you share the server with.

Most VPS providers also give you a unique IP address. This IP address different from the other users that you share the physical server with. This gives you advantages when it comes to improving your data processing and website hosting needs.

You also have more flexibility. Most VPS providers will allow you to customize your partition of the physical server in a way that does not affect the other partitions. This means being able to add your choice of software and changing the settings according to your preferences.

Lastly, you get more reliable bandwidth since you are not competing for bandwidth with the other partitions.

So while it may be a bit of an investment, a VPS may be just what you or your business needs.

Dedicated virtual server vs. purely dedicated server

If a dedicated virtual server really just gives you some of the good features of a dedicated server, then why not just get a dedicated server? Would that not be better?

The short answer is that most people do not really need a dedicated server. Yes, it comes with a higher level of security and more resources, but it has more of these things than most users would actually need. Unless you have a sizable business or organization and you have a lot of sensitive information that must be kept safe, as well as a website or several websites that cannot afford to be down or else there will be dire consequences, a dedicated server may be too much for you.

Not to mention a dedicated server is significantly more expensive. For many, the investment required is just not worth it. A dedicated server may be out of your budget or too much of an investment for you and your business, and frankly, you may not need the services that dedicated servers provide.

So how do you go about choosing which dedicated virtual server provider is the best for you? In order to make this determination, you need to do some research into the different companies that exist and the different services they provide.

The Internet is the best resource for this because you can compare the different plans offered by providers online and see how they compare. Similarly, you can make use of resources like review websites, forums, blogs, and the like to get information on the hosting companies by those that have used their services in the past. These sources of information are often much less biased and will give you a look into the first-hand experiences that other users have had.

One aspect that is crucial not to overlook is customer service. You want to be sure to work with a company that offers the best customer service. This is because if you encounter any problem with your dedicated virtual server, which is more than likely, you want to be sure the provider is able to walk you through troubleshooting steps and help your server get back up and running.


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