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16 Jun 2016


Learn More about SQL Data Server Types

SQL has table columns that are designed to store specific value and this is what differentiates SQL data server types. This value can be numbers, text or dates. The values are called data types. However, in storage databases, only few types are commonly used. On understanding different data types, the subject becomes less complex. This understanding enables you to know why data types are important and why they are so many. To understand data types that are used in a cloud server hosting, it is important to use an example. For instance, when talking about a person, you use certain information in describing that person. This can be their birth date, name, and weight. With data server types, each of the attributes that you use in describing a person falls into a specific category. For instance, the name is stored as a text, weight as a decimal value and birth date as a calendar date. Basically, SQL data server types define the attributes of data that is stored in the location of a server like a database column. Any data type is a definition of possible and acceptable values.


Data types are very important because they ensure that a cloud storage provider stores data in a database in a consistent manner and known format. When you know a data type in which data is stored, you can also know the formulations and calculations that you can use on each column. This to some extent enhances cloud storage security. Data storage is also affected by data types. This is because there are values that require more space to store data in a single type and storing it in other types. Performance is also affected by data types. This is because a database that has less time to infer values or even convert them is better.

Commonly used SQL data server types

A cloud server has SQL table columns. Each column holds data of a specific type. Example of this data is numerical data or text. This is a vital property of a table and it is known as data type of a column. Data type is among the major defining attributes of a column. This is the only attribute that determines if a value is valid and if it should be stored in a column. Majority of the available data types are used for specific jobs. These jobs include storing images. Although there are more than 30 data types, the most common and mostly used SQL data types are INT, DATETIME, VARCHAR, NVARCHAR, DECIMAL, FLOAT and BIT. It is important to note that these are the most popular data types but not the only ones. Therefore, do not limit your knowledge to these only. There are many data types that a cloud storage provider can offer you in their server. Learn more about them to use the best data type and ensure your cloud storage security.


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