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26 Feb 2016


An Easy to Understand Cloud Storage Tutorial

Going paperless is one way to do your share to save the planet and leave as little carbon footprint as possible. But aside from going green, the foremost advantage of using cloud storage is the extra GB or even TB space to store and backup images, videos and documents. But just like most people, the cloud is a mystery that it will be hard to fathom what the cloud really is. So, to help you understand this mysterious haven of your files, photos and videos, here is an easy-to-understand cloud storage tutorial.

This article will also give you a glimpse on how to choose the best cloud storage providers and lets you understand the different terminologies used.

More and more people use cloud storage tutorial

More and more people are using the cloud to store personal files and business files. Some cloud storage platform like Google Drive not only lets you store and backup files, but also lets you collaborate with your colleagues. More so, researches even show that there was an increase in the number of people who use the cloud.

Although your host server will give you storage space, the cloud is still the best alternative to store your files. The cloud storage also lets you access your files any day as it is flexible and easy to access. But before you sign an agreement for the cloud storage service, here are other points in the cloud storage tutorial that you need to understand.

Points to help you understand the cloud storage tutorial

Most, if not all, cloud storage lets you enjoy 5GB storage capacity for free. But if you need more space to store high resolution image and videos, you can register for an additional storage space for a minimal fee of $0.99 to $299 per month. So, carefully read the agreement and asses if you needed a terabyte additional space or not.

Some best dedicated server hosting also provides data backup, choose your provider carefully. However, your agreement with the server provider may be limited since it really depends on the storage space capacity that you will need.

Other points and features that you need to know and understand are the cloud disaster recovery, cloud backup, cloud data management, and service level agreement. There is also the cloud archiving, which is beneficial for small, medium and large scale companies.

With the above-mentioned points and features, it is also important to take a look into the issues of security concerns. So, it is also best to read different reviews, join forum, and try the cloud services. Just explore on what it can do for your business, and test the different functionalities so that you will learn first hand how efficient and cost-effective the cloud is.

Lastly, using the cloud is still the most flexible and efficient way to store, backup, and retrieve data. So, what are you waiting for? Try using the free version now.


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