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19 Feb 2016


The Benefits of Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business

In the old days, backing up your data, whether it was your personal data or your corporate data, meant buying a bunch of CDs or an external hard drive and putting your most important files there, so that if your computer crashed, you would have a backup.

Backing up your system was generally time-consuming and involved a complex system of organization if you did not have special backup software. But this wasn’t the only flaw with this backup method. If anything was to happen to the physical media then all of your backups would be lost. That meant that not only did you have to take extreme care to keep your computer safe, but similarly needed to store your physical media in a safe place where it wasn’t vulnerable to being damaged.

Nowadays, the cloud can be used as a storage and backup solution instead of physical media. In principle, nothing has changed. It is still about keeping your most important data safe in case of a crash. But now, cloud storage solutions for small business can make backing up your data less of a hassle and significantly more secure than a hard drive in your home or office could ever be.

What are cloud storage solutions for small business?

Cloud storage solutions for small business work like your hard drive used to, only that your data is physically stored in what is referred to as the “cloud” in a different location. The cloud works like a giant hard drive that will store your data for you, keep it safe, and make sure your data is constantly backing itself up.The cloud has been used by numerous groups and individuals to store anything from banking details to family pictures. There are cloud storage solutions that are suited for your personal data, like your audio-visual files and text documents. There are also cloud storage solutions for small business that are more suited for small businesses to have a record of their transactions. Even big corporations can benefit by keeping their clients account information safe.

Why bother with it?

The best cloud storage service providers can help you backup data in a much more secure way. Can you imagine if that hard drive with your prized data were to be stolen or destroyed? What happens to your backup? A professional cloud storage solution can keep your data secure from natural disasters and other such incidents that would normally ruin a personal backup.

Providers of cloud storage solutions for small business also understand that files are not static but are constantly being updated and altered. So the cloud keeps the most updated version of your files by constantly saving the new version once you have saved it. This means you can effortlessly just keep adding figures to your data sheet or transaction record without constantly having to worry about backing it up manually.

It is generally much more hassle-free. Just like before, you choose which data you think is most important for backing up, but after that your effort is over. As long as you are online, the cloud will constantly get your updated files without you even having to think about it.

Can I afford it?

While there are pricey cloud servers that usually cater to big corporations that store terabytes of data, the average person or small business can take advantage of a cheap cloud server hosting that will allow them to pay for what they use and nothing more. Just a quick search into the range of prices will let you see that your place in the cloud is a lot more affordable than you might imagine.

Sure these services usually come at a cost, but the question you should be asking is if you can afford to keep your data unsafe and risk losing it. Whether it is your personal memories or your business files, you will find that the price may well be worth it.

A big problem with cloud storage is that many people do not know where to begin. There are so many different providers that exist on the Internet that they do not know which to choose. The best way to find a suitable cloud storage service provider is to do in-depth research into the different companies and what they offer their users. Then do a serious investigation into what your needs are and how much storage you need now, and how much you will need in the future.

As long as you do the proper research and have a good understanding of what your needs are, then it should be no problem to find a cloud storage service provider that will offer you the service you need at a reasonable cost.


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