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18 Feb 2016


The Benefits of Using Cloud Storage Service Providers

Cloud storage allows for your data to be housed not in one server, but in a system that connects several servers via the Internet. These servers then share storage capabilities in order to store your data in no particular physical location.

This means that your data is relatively safe in case any one of those servers crash. Most cloud storage service providers will be able to keep your data safe because your data is not confined to a particular computer, freeing it of its vulnerability and dependence.

What cloud storage service providers can do for you?

Let’s assume that you are looking for servers for small business owners like yourself. In the process of searching, you come across cloud storage service providers that claim they can make store your data in a manner that is easy and user-friendly, while still quite affordable.

You may think it too good to be true, but that is the reality of the situation.

Your cloud storage can keep your data safe better than any traditional backup device. With your data spread out, you lose nothing in case your computer crashes, even if it crashes together with several other computers that are used to store your data. You can even encrypt the data, making it even safer.

How does this encryption work? It essentially allows you to put a password on your data so no one can access it without the password. This is key because it serves as a last line of defense between your data and a hacker or unauthorized individual from viewing the data. In the worse case scenario that someone does get their hands on your data, then they still won’t be able to read it because they will not have the password needed to decrypt the information.

The great thing about cloud storage is that it does not merely keep your file in a particular place. It makes it accessible via the Internet to any device you might have. This is especially great for companies and organizations that work across the globe. You no longer need complicated technical systems in order to share files with different offices, and no longer have to worry about hardware conformity. One employee can work on a Mac computer in New York and a different employee can work on the same document using a PC in Europe.

For those who like to edit their old files, cloud storage works in such a way that once you have designated a certain file to be uploaded into the cloud, it updates as you update it. For instance, when your change a few cells in your spreadsheet, you no longer have to manually save the new version of your file. Instead, you cloud updates the file so that you do not even have to worry about it.

Advantages over dedicated servers

Dedicated server rental gives you access to a lot of power and a lot of security. You get so much control over how your server is run. But when it comes to storage, you would be surprised how cloud storage may have the edge over dedicated servers.

The most obvious fact in favor of using cloud storage service providers instead of a dedicated server is the price. For the same cost per gigabyte of storage, a cloud storage plan will come out cheaper. This extends to features other than disk space, like RAM and bandwidth.

Another advantage with cloud storage is the scalability of the technology. Since a dedicated server already gives you the resources of an entire machine, upgrading your plan could mean having to transfer your data to a completely new machine with stronger capabilities. This process could take up to a few days. Similarly it could be extremely expensive. Not only do you have to worry about the outright costs of the server, you also have to consider the costs of installation, maintenance, and employing a team to take care of all of these tasks.

In contrast, upgrading your cloud storage plan is simple with most cloud storage service providers allowing you to easily upgrade your plan with a few clicks of your mouse. This change happens almost immediately.

With all the different benefits that cloud storage devices provide, you should definitely consider using it for your data storage needs. If you are not sure which provider to use be sure to do some research on the Internet to understand what each provider offers and how much they charge.


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