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26 Feb 2016


Newest Cloud Storage Review between Gotbackup and Carbonite

Carbonite is an online cloud storage provider based in Boston and has been around for quite some time. It aims to offer low-priced, trusted and safe online cloud backup and also it offers an affiliate program.

GotBackup is a new online cloud backup company from Texas; it saves your data and files on the cloud online storage. It has two sides, the customer side, where it backs up files online and an affiliate side, where it’s possible to make money by marketing Got Backup to other people. Below is the cloud storage review between the two new cloud storage companies.

Cloud Storage Review – Gotbackup Vs Carbonite


GotBackup is quite similar to Dropbox, as it has to be downloaded, easy to set up and start backing up your files online immediately. It offers unlimited storage space, backs up your data on your PC, smartphone, tablets, Mac and makes it easier to spot the files by tagging them.

Carbonite allows easy online cloud backup and storage. Both are best cloud storage services and offers unlimited storage spaces. They provide several backup options that allow you to timetable your backups. Carbonite provides continuous backup and that means you can save your file in real time as you go edit and make changes to your file.


When it comes to the cloud storage review of the cost, GotBackup has a trial plan for $1 for the first week and if you are happy with the online cloud storage, you have their full subscription plan.

Personal Backup cost full subscription plan and becomes $7.99 per month when you pay yearly. The Family Plan is at $14.99 per month and becomes $12.99 per month when you pay annually.

The Backup & Share Plan is cost $13.99 per month and costs $11.99 every month of your pay annually.

Carbonite has a Basic plan for $59.99 per year, Plus upgrade plan is worth $99.99 and the Prime plan, available for $149.

The biggest problem with all the plans offered by Carbonite is that they are limited to a single computer, device or hosted servers – which are a major disadvantage.

Affiliate Program

On the cloud storage review of affiliate programs, Got Backup offers the best affiliate program. It provides 100% commissions, which is great. This means that for the first month, you get 100% direct commissions for all the users you are able to convince to sign up for Backup’s services. For the second month onwards, you will be making 50% commissions for your direct referral.

Carbonite online cloud storage service has a good affiliate program, but provides a much lower commission of 30% for every referral you make. Clearly, when talking about the affiliate program, you can make more money with Got Backup than Carbonite.


Got Backup provides online cloud backup that is both safe and easy to use. The plans are very affordable and available across various computers or devices. Carbonite also offers excellent online cloud backup with reasonable price but they are limited to a single device or computer. In addition, Got Backup has a more profitable affiliate program which allows skillful online marketers to make money on direct referrals. These cloud storage review Got Backup and Carbonite will definitely help choose which one is best for you.



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