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26 Feb 2016


How to Get Best Deal on Cloud Storage Pricing

Saving data is crucial in any line of biz. Dedicated servers had successfully ruled out storage issues for decades. However, it’s the best cloud storage service that’s working wonders now. Way more advanced than dedicated servers, these cloud servers offer optimum space at dirt cheap rates. Worried about security glitches? Well, here’s the good news – security measures are incredibly enhanced in these online storage options. All data stored are encrypted and are particularly safeguarded from unauthorized access.

Cloud storage pricing is 60% cheaper compared to the traditional dedicated storage servers. All stored files can easily be accessed from anywhere in the world using internet.

Having secured back-up is a crucial concern in businesses, right? Well, cloud guarantees impromptu disaster management. It keeps back-up of files, ready to be accessed in a remote location.

Although a cheap server, accessing files on cloud is easier than thought. It is immensely compatible on both android and iOS. Buy dedicated server and you will certainly be thrown in a pickle trying to sync all important files or share it with ease. The problem does not exist in cloud servers. All files, regardless of the changes made are automatically updated on all devices. From Smartphones to tablets and computer systems, files on the cloud are up for grabs anytime anywhere.

Tips to get hands on the best cloud storage pricing:

Most of the best cloud storage service providers welcome users with a free storage space. Anywhere, from 2GB to 15GB can be expected to be allotted. Look for such offers and if need be, sign-up for multiple accounts. On combining all available free storage benefits, you might get lucky enjoying a sizeable storage option. Cherry on the cake – cloud storage pricing is affordable. Instead of burning holes in your wallet, it actually helps you save big bucks.

Use external hard drives or buy dedicated servers to store files. Both are susceptible to loss or damage. Online cheap server like the cloud provides 100% secured ample data storage space. Cloud storage pricing unlike physical servers are budget-friendly. However, do your groundwork first and compare offers by best cloud storage providers to cut corners.

List your needs and fix upon a budget before reading about the cloud storage plans. Don’t just jump to a conclusion. Cloud storage pricing are either charged monthly or annually. Call shots for the one that suits your budget.

Learn ways to super-charge your cloud storage and amplify the utility model it’s based on. One of the first questions that springs up here is how? It’s simple! Synchronize and organize your data. Use Dropbox, Google Drive and Sky Drive to update files. It is certainly not messy and keeps all data at your beck and call. Look for free apps that helps you transfer files to the cloud when you run out of space in the Dropbox or Google Drive. Set your cloud as a default download destination. It cuts-down the workload by large.


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