Different Cloud Storage Options


26 Feb 2016


Cloud Storage Options Depending On Your Needs

Huge numbers of small businesses have turned to cloud online storage for file sharing or backup. This basically involves outsourcing some of your storage needs to a cloud provider and is particularly useful when allowing flexible working for your employees. Staff, partners and even users can be authorized to access your files stored in the cloud and therefore, can access that data from anyplace.

Points to Consider for your Cloud Storage Options

There are three factors that you will want to review when choosing your cloud storage options – Space, Cost, and Security. So with this in mind, here is the explanation on your cloud storage options:

Personal Use

If you are an Apple user, you might be interested in using iCloud service. This is already installed on your device and automatically backs up your emails, contacts, music, videos etc. to your 5GB free storage. This is a very useful cloud storage solution for those moments that you lost your phone yet still need to get your contacts or accidentally broke your iPad and need that file you are working on. This is a great backup option for mobile professional as it acts as a complete cloud storage option. However, this is only best for personal use.

Cloud for Backup

If you are not an Apple user, there are still other best cloud storage options. Norton’s Cloud Backup will routinely sync your files and folders from up to 5 PC, laptops, tablets or smartphones providing a support of all your documents. Their encryption is very safe and secure, so it’s worry-free for you.

Small Group Use

If you are searching for the best hosting dedicated server and cloud storage option that able user to share files within the team then, you will definitely consider DropBox.

DropBox has both free and paid version of cloud storage options, depending on your needs. For the free account, if offers 2GB of storage space though you can upgrade up to 18GB by referring friends and family (500MB per referral). If you are using DropBox extensively for business purposes, then you will want to check out their Pro and Team options which offer upwards of 100GB of space.

Both DropBox and MS SkyDrive are prevalent as they also include downloadable programs allowing you to include any of your desktop folders in your automatic sync popular as they also include downloadable programs allowing you to include any of your desktop folders in your automatic sync and you can also share your folders with other team members as well.

Professional Use

For those people interested in the idea of cloud storage but remain skeptical because of the security and space problems, will likely be looking towards professional cloud storage options for your needs.

Some professional cloud storage providers offer a service that utilizes a unique encryption key for every user, so your data and file is completely safe and protected. In addition, they can able a compression key helping to cut duplicate data while compressing your files by up to half the original size – making your cloud storage space go further.


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