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26 Feb 2016


Do You Know the Best Cloud Storage for Photos?

You have been saving your hard-earned cash to live your dream vacation in Paris. So, you plan to take lots of photos and store all those wonderful memories of your happy trip and memorable vacation abroad. But what if your external drive was damaged, or if your laptop was stolen?  You will surely feel awful if you will just  lost all those precious Images. But fret not, since you can use cloud storage for photos to backup your precious images.

In fact, the use of cloud storage to backup images and other files has grown increasingly popular over the years. There is Google Photos, iCloud Photo,  Amazon Photos, Microsoft OneDrive, and other web hosting server that offer photo backup solutions.

What is the best cloud storage for photos?

With a long list of options to choose from, here is a list of cloud storage for photos and its features that you can try.

  1. iCloud Photo for Apple devices go with a 5GB storage, but more storage for about 20GB to 1TB come with a cost that ranges from $0.99 to $19.99 per month.  Although the fee may be too much for some, using iCloud is still enticing for other users, especially that it supports different formats like TIFF, JPG, RAW, GIF and PNG. The quality of your images and videos also stay the same.
  2. Google Photos is by far one of the most popular infrastructure for cloud storage for photos. The cloud storage is free, regardless on the amount of images and videos you store and backup. But unlike iCloud that your image and video quality stays the same, Google Photos, on the other hand, have size and resolution limitations. For the images, it is about 16MP, while the videos can only go to 1080p large. More so, Google Photos compress higher resolution images and videos into allowable size. Another important feature to note is the 15GB free limitations of your Google Drive where your Google Photos is stored. So, if you need and want more space than 15GB, you can upgrade for higher storage capacity that ranges from 100GB to 30TB. However, the upgrade to a higher storage capacity also comes with a cost that ranges from $1.99 to $299.99 per month.
  3. Microsoft OneDrive lets you enjoy 15GB free storage, but just like iCloud and Google Photos, you need to shell out $1.99 to $6.99 per month depending on the storage capacity. However, the fee is more affordable as compared to how much the other two cloud storage for photos charge.
  4. Amazon Photos also has a limit to 5GB free and more storage means that you need to shell out $99 per year.  And just like the other 3 solutions, you can sync videos and images easily.

Choose the right photo storage to backup videos and images

If you are careful and thorough when choosing a virtualization server, then you should also take time to choose the best photo storage solution that can easily sync and safely backup your videos and images. And with some of the features discussed above, which of the photo storage drives would you try?


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