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26 Feb 2016


Understand Cloud Infrastructure With Cloud Storage Definition

“No one understands the cloud.” If you’ve seen the movie Sex Tape, you will have a good guffaw over this hilarious situational comedy that revolves around the mysterious cloud. With a premise that putting something in the cloud, it is up there and it can pop up in devices when you least expect can be a scary thought. But what is it really? So shed some light over this mysterious cloud, here is an attempt to explain cloud storage definition in a simple way as possible.

To start of, cloud storage is the storing of data online via various resources called the cloud. Dropbox is one of the popular cloud storage infrastructures, and there is also the JustCloud.com, zipcloud, MyPCBackpup.com, and many other cloud server hosting companies. It is  like having an external storage without having a physical device, thus, letting you store, save, and backup important data and documents.

Why use a cloud online storage?

To further help you better understand cloud storage definition, here are some points.

  1. Using the cloud lets you access your data using different gadget at any time of the day.
  2. Using the cloud and opening up an account is easy. All you need is an account in one of the cloud service providers by registering a username, email add and password, and you are all set to use the mysterious cloud.
  3. Using the cloud lets you backup important files and photos of your recent trip in Paris. You can even sync your gadgets with the cloud services that you have registered in. But syncing videos and images may backfire and will result to a hilarious situation just like in Sex Tape.
  4. Despite the seeming downside, the cloud is still a great storage solution that you can use for your business. Hence, you don’t need to worry about accidentally damaging your computer and external drive since you have the reliable cloud to backup your files.
  5. You can use the cloud for free, but only for a limited GB capacity, or you can register for a minimal fee, which is still way affordable as compared to buying your own external drives.

What is the best cloud storage services?

There are several cloud storage providers to choose from, but before you sign up for one, here is a quick run down of the different types of cloud storage. Knowing the different types will further help you understand cloud storage definition.

Personal cloud storage for your individual data. You can sync and share data in your cloud drive like Dropbox and Google Drive. Even Apple products have iCloud to store your personal files.

Public cloud storage wherein the storage service provider is different from the enterprise, but the low down is that it may raise some concerns on the security of your files. However, for secure storage solutions, go for a private cloud storage, while there is also the hybrid cloud storage that also offers reliable service that you can access any time and anywhere.


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