About Cloud Storage Advantages and Disadvantages


19 Jun 2016


Learn more about Cloud Storage Advantages and Disadvantages

When you know cloud storage advantages and disadvantages, you can make more informed decisions about business data storage, back up and management. Cloud storage is taking over various aspects of modern technology. Many businesses are enjoying the benefits of hosted applications and use of cloud hosting infrastructures. However, transition to cloud services starts with the needs for data storage. Although many people are already using cloud storage for personal reasons, some businesses are yet to embrace cloud storage solution.

Advantages of cloud storage

One of the major benefits of cloud storage is cost-savings. Generally, cloud storage is affordable since providers are able to distribute services and infrastructure to different businesses. When your business embraces cloud storage, the costs of acquiring hardware and maintaining the infrastructure are eliminated. The removal of capital expenditures as well as the salaries for the associated service from technology expense implies significant savings on cost. Cloud storage security is also another advantage. Cloud storage is basically housed within data center rather than having hardware in an office. This provides enhanced security. Cloud storage also allows for convenient access and use of data. You can access data from anywhere, at any time using different devices.

Disadvantages of cloud storage

When considering cloud storage advantages and disadvantages, you will notice that if your business surpasses the given bandwidth allowance, additional charges can be quite significant. However, there cloud storage providers who allow for unlimited bandwidth. Therefore, consider this factor while performing a cloud storage comparison to make an informed choice. Accessibility is also another disadvantage of cloud storage. Without internet connection, you cannot access the data that you have stored on the cloud. There are also concerns about privacy and safety of vital data that you store remotely. As a business owner, you be an easy with the idea of business data commingling with the other organizations. Therefore, it is important to always consider security as an issue when considering cloud storage advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, there is the software issue. If you wish to manipulate files locally via multiple devices, you have to download a service on all devices that you intend to use.

Basically, cloud storage advantages and disadvantages are numerous. However, the advantages of a good cloud storage solution surpass its disadvantages. This is why many businesses are turning to cloud storage. Nevertheless, you need to choose the best cloud storage service provider to enjoy the full benefits of this storage. This is why you should perform a cloud storage comparison to make an informed choice. Therefore, take your time to find out more about cloud storage providers, their packages and services. This way, you will not only ensure cloud storage security, but also get value for the money that your business invests in your cloud storage service.


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