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25 May 2016


The Advantages of Cloud Server Singapore for Your Business

The last few years has brought a lot of vast improvements to the tech and digital industry. One of them is the interest and eventual rise of cloud based storage solutions. Here are some of the best and biggest advantages of choosing a cloud server Singapore option for your business and organization.

A Cloud Server Singapore Option is Far Cheaper

One of the most outstanding advantages of a secure cloud storage server solution is that it’s more cost friendly compared to its more traditional counterpart. Given that users are not required to buy tons of hardware and a decent and substantial cooling system to ensure that the components are in perfect working conditions every time, they can save money since there’s no need for anything physical. This also means that users can save on the utility bills that comes from maintaining hardware that requires a significant amount of energy.

At the same time, another one of those cloud storage benefits is that it saves up space in the office. Given that one doesn’t need to allocate a room for the hardware, office managers can choose to use that room for other activities or even to expand the workforce.

Easy to Upgrade

Another benefit of a secure cloud storage is that it’s easier to upgrade and improve. For hardware improvements to take place, there are components that sometimes needs to be replaced on site. That’s no longer a concern with cloud server Singapore options. Given that everything is up on the “cloud,” network engineers and developers can do the upgrades and updates remotely, from behind the screen of a desktop computer. Best of all, this happens in the span of a few short hours, compared to the older one that takes a few days.

It’s also important to note that repairs are done remotely, giving cloud based storage solutions another advantage. Since there are no physical components, fixes can be done from another location in a fast and more efficient manner.

Guarantees Both Performance and Security

Performance is always a guarantee when it comes to cloud technology. Users are always assured that they receive the resources, performance and power that their cloud plan offers them. There are no external factors or physical components that make limitations appear. With a cloud, you always get what you pay for. Should it not be enough, there can always be upgrades to optimize processes.

At the same time, even though the cloud server is not in the premises of the office, it’s made with top of the line security and protection measures. The toughest and most resilient programs are installed to ensure that malware doesn’t infect the system and that all of the files are kept preserved, private and secure.

While relatively new in the field, cloud based solutions have proved themselves to be an above average choice for any industry working in the digital age. With its many benefits, every business and organization should at least consider moving to these amazing and excellent technology to experience cloud storage benefits. Visit for more information on cloud storage and cloud servers.


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