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22 Feb 2016


Assessing Cloud Data Storage Providers

Cloud data storage providers differ in the kinds of plans that they offer at different price points. What they all have in common is the ability to store your data in the cloud, a connected network of servers that share their resources via the internet.

However, not all cloud data storage providers are equal. So it is important to get the one that is a cut above the rest and meets your requirements.

Getting the best cloud data storage providers

But why should you use the cloud in the first place? The cloud is a way to reliably store your data in one of the safest places possible. The reason it is safe is because it is not really a place. When your data goes into the cloud, it is stored in the shared resources of several server. This gives it capabilities that your VPS provider will not be able to give you.

For one, your data is much more secure given that it is in a storage space that is not confined to a physical plane. That way, no natural disaster can make you lose your data. An entire server facility can shut down, but your data can still survive because part of the resources that host it are in a different location.

Cloud data storage providers also give you near unlimited scalability, meaning you can keep upgrading your plan with a few clicks of a mouse. In most cases, you will be able to immediately take in more data.

Cloud storage also makes backing up files much easier. Once you add a file to the cloud, it automatically updates when you edit the file while you are connected to the internet. No need to upload an updated version each time you revise it.

You can even take your data anywhere. Once it is in the cloud, you can access it using any device that is connected to the internet, while encryption will keep it secure.

Advantages of using the cloud data storage providers

In order to get the best online cloud storage plan, you have to make sure you end up with the best provider. Since you will be trusting them will your most valuable data, you should choose cloud data storage providers that have a spotless reputation for securing files. This means any suspicions you might have of a cloud service provider not being capable of securing your files should be an instant red flag.

Do your research. Look for any evidence that they have been hacked or that malicious software has entered their servers. Keep in mind that they also do not have the right to look at your data, so any evidence of that also indicates a provider to be avoided.

A good way to know if a provider is worth trusting is to look at their list of clients. See if they have clients that are major corporations with big brand names, those who cannot afford their data to be compromised. These companies have a lot to lose from trusting the wrong provider, so if they can afford to trust a provider, then so can you.


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